Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Marvelous plans...

I'm sure that you're wondering what's new with us so here I go creating my first ever blog. I'm sure it won't be the highlight of your day reading this but one dull day it could very well be...

These past 5 years have been the most eventful of my life. In a nutshell I've graduated highschool, become an aunt, travelled a small part of the globe, fallen in love, linked up, gotten married and sealed, got a greencard, got my first real job, filed my first tax return, saw Old Faithful (that really wasn't a big event but it did happen), met Shabang, was called as Compassionate Service Leader, became addicted to Family History... there is so so so so much, 5 years worth actually... It's quite the nutshell.

Anyway, recently life has been a little stagnant and stinky boring. I don't have a drivers license and Stuart works 6 days a week 3am - 7am, so there isn't much chance to get away and see new places. Heck, between school, work and church stuff we don't have time to go grocery shopping. Due to the lack of happenings I was getting very homesick. I've been in America for 3 years now and haven't been back to Scotland. I don't have family out here - except for my linkup family ofcourse but it's just not the same. One Sunday Stuart had enough of my whining and greetin (scottish for "crying"), finally and decided that it's time to head back to the Motherland. Yes! Scotland!

Our summer will consist of going back to Seattle at the start of April, getting our old jobs back at Jansport/Hell, work until the middle of July and then go to Scotland until the end of August then come back to Rexburg in September for school. I think it sounds like a splendid plan myself.

We have lots planned for our trip that I'll tell you more about another day.