Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Summer List 2007.

Here is what I want to do this summer. Don't worry, I'll update you on my progress. I'm also accepting "Summer List Challenges" from others who're working on their own lists...

*Go Camping.
*Have a BBQ.
*Visit Stonehenge.
*Draw with chalk on the pavement.
*Wear new shoes.
*Learn some survival tips from my dad.
*Build a cake.
*Take Stuart to a Scottish Chinese restaurant.
*Send postcards.
*Paddle in the sea.
*Get a 99 from the ice cream van.
*Eat Indian Food.
*Sing Osmond's songs with my mum.
*Teach Cameron a new joke.
*Make a new summer keepsake box.
*Eat a Doner Kebab.
*Make a video.
*Play ping-pong.
*Go to the Drive-in.
*Make a banoffee pie for FIL.
*Lose weight.
*Learn a new craft.
*Get a free Slurpee on 7/11.
*Learn about Independance Day.
*Have an all-nighter pyjama party.
*Take lots of pictures.
*Visit Astoria, Oregon.
*Buy a dress.
*Have a water fight.
*Read lots of books, cover to cover.
*Make a new friend.
*Laugh until I cry.

I'll add to the list once I've thought some more...
Shabang Challenge:

~Build a sand castle
~Make a wall hanging out of leaves and/or flowers
~Read Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites books 1-4
~Make Diva shoes from flip flops
~Make Rice Krispy treats for a new friend.
~Roll down a big grassy hill
~Take a drive by yourself w/o the radio or music on for at least an hour.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

O Flower of Scotland!

Last night I couldn't sleep much because whenever I set an alarm to be up on time for something I get really anxious and it makes me restless and it was thunder and lightning. The good thing is that today was my last day of babysitting. That means it's getting closer to us leaving and then working and then Scotlanding... and no more getting sick from the kids.

A lot of people seem to really like the idea of The Summer List. Shabang (see her blog -->) and I have decided to challenge eachother with 5 things to do over the summer. I'm pretty excited to see what she comes up with for me. I think my list is ready for her. We're encouraging everyone to get in on the Summer List Adventure.

I've also been getting really excited about going home. I keep dreaming about what it'll be like seeing my family again and what their reactions will be when I see them. I wonder if Cameron will remember who I am. I also can't wait to see my friend's and eat some sausages and take a bath in a proper sized bath instead of the tiny one we have here.
When Stuart came over before we got married we went to see a lot of places but there's still tonnes that I want to show him. There's places to see, people to meet. I think people who visit really miss out because they tend to head for Edinburgh, the capital and that's it.
Here's some of my favorite places to visit on the east coast of Scotland:

Usan Mains.

Dunnottar Castle.

The Glen's.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Summer Lists.

For the past couple of summer's my sister-in-law, Megan and I have made lists of things to do that summer so we make the most of our time and have little adventures along the way. This year Megan is on a mission in Maryland so I have no summer buddy apart from Stuart but he's not so list driven as me. I'm going to make a list for this summer though because we're going to be travelling a lot and seeing a ton of new things as well as working, meh...
Here's somethings that we put on our list in previous summers:
Go on a ferry ride,
Swim in a lake,
Shoot off fireworks,
See Old Faithful,
Make a slip and slide,
Go to the Drive-in theatre,
Camp in the garden,
Go roller-skating,
Eat at Dick’s Drive-in,
Go Thrift Store shopping,
Get carpool kids to talk,
Read “The Sisterhood of the traveling pants” books and see the film,
Make Jam,
Get milkshakes from Ruby's Diner,
Eat Fortune cookies,
Go to the Batting Cage,
Have a pic-nic,
Go to the Space Needle,
Do several random acts of kindness,
Make a Monster Bag,
All-nighter : Musical’s,
TP Kirsten’s house,
Play mini-golf,
Make a new friend,
Dress up for a day,
Play air-hockey,
Make Banoffee pie,
Have a water fight,
Get a sun tan,
All-nighter: Marilyn Monroe,
Play Hide and Seek in the park,
Get picture’s taken in a photo booth,
Make Paper bag puppets,
Write Secret admirer letters to Paige and Scott,
Make t-shirts,
Find a new band to listen to,
Send postcards to people – Get postcards in return,
Make ice-cream,
Send Mail to Megan,
Go to Ikea,
Make bread,
Decorate things,
Go Bowling,
Play Capture the flag,
Go to Bellingham Mall,
Make s’mores,
Make jewelry,
Get free slurpee on 7/11 day...

The list goes on. There's something satisfying about crossing something off a list and then at the end of summer looking in our little decorated summer shoe boxes to see the ticket stubs, postcards, high school perfomance programs and little things we've collected through the summer...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Sunday, you're so good to me!

Ok, ok I know I suck. I actually forgot my username for this and only now worked it out, so here I go...

Only one more week of school for Stuart due to the shortened semester here at BYU-i. Let me explain a wee bit; each semester is now 3 months long instead of 4. You still need to learn 4 months worth of information but now everyone - teachers - get a 6 week break at the end of the summer semester AND we get a month for Christmas instead of 2 weeks. It's been strange getting used to it. It's also quite sad because people who come here for just one semester have no reason to unpack when they move in because they'll only be here for 3 months. They also don't feel the need or have the time to really bond with anyone... Oh well. In a couple weeks we'll be heading back to Seattle though and I'm kind of looking forward to it.

I can't remember if I already blogged about this but this semester Stuart said if I got a babysitting job he wouldn't make me get a job which is handy for me because I can't drive so I got hooked up with a babysitting gig - Tuesday's at 7:30am.
Last week I got sick too. It was chronic, that's the perfect word to describe it... chronic.

That is all for now but I am going to blog better from now on. Stick a needle in my eye.