Monday, March 26, 2007

Summer Lists.

For the past couple of summer's my sister-in-law, Megan and I have made lists of things to do that summer so we make the most of our time and have little adventures along the way. This year Megan is on a mission in Maryland so I have no summer buddy apart from Stuart but he's not so list driven as me. I'm going to make a list for this summer though because we're going to be travelling a lot and seeing a ton of new things as well as working, meh...
Here's somethings that we put on our list in previous summers:
Go on a ferry ride,
Swim in a lake,
Shoot off fireworks,
See Old Faithful,
Make a slip and slide,
Go to the Drive-in theatre,
Camp in the garden,
Go roller-skating,
Eat at Dick’s Drive-in,
Go Thrift Store shopping,
Get carpool kids to talk,
Read “The Sisterhood of the traveling pants” books and see the film,
Make Jam,
Get milkshakes from Ruby's Diner,
Eat Fortune cookies,
Go to the Batting Cage,
Have a pic-nic,
Go to the Space Needle,
Do several random acts of kindness,
Make a Monster Bag,
All-nighter : Musical’s,
TP Kirsten’s house,
Play mini-golf,
Make a new friend,
Dress up for a day,
Play air-hockey,
Make Banoffee pie,
Have a water fight,
Get a sun tan,
All-nighter: Marilyn Monroe,
Play Hide and Seek in the park,
Get picture’s taken in a photo booth,
Make Paper bag puppets,
Write Secret admirer letters to Paige and Scott,
Make t-shirts,
Find a new band to listen to,
Send postcards to people – Get postcards in return,
Make ice-cream,
Send Mail to Megan,
Go to Ikea,
Make bread,
Decorate things,
Go Bowling,
Play Capture the flag,
Go to Bellingham Mall,
Make s’mores,
Make jewelry,
Get free slurpee on 7/11 day...

The list goes on. There's something satisfying about crossing something off a list and then at the end of summer looking in our little decorated summer shoe boxes to see the ticket stubs, postcards, high school perfomance programs and little things we've collected through the summer...


Katz said...

that is SO awesome! i should try that.

ivygirl said...

Thats quite a list you've got... I think its awesome... I love making lists!!! I think i will make a summer list as well... There are just so many random little things that ive always wanted to do but have never gotten the chance to do... And since we dont have kids yet i want to live it up while we can!!!

BTW DH and i are planning a trip once we get sealed, and its a toss up between australia and scotland so any information you can provide me about your country would be GREATLY appreciated...

And again im glad to have you on MC and look forward to getting to know you better...

Ivy (simma)

ShaBANG said...

I'm so making my Summer "To Do" list right now. I'm excited about the "to do list exchange!" I've just about got yours ready :)