Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Sunday, you're so good to me!

Ok, ok I know I suck. I actually forgot my username for this and only now worked it out, so here I go...

Only one more week of school for Stuart due to the shortened semester here at BYU-i. Let me explain a wee bit; each semester is now 3 months long instead of 4. You still need to learn 4 months worth of information but now everyone - teachers - get a 6 week break at the end of the summer semester AND we get a month for Christmas instead of 2 weeks. It's been strange getting used to it. It's also quite sad because people who come here for just one semester have no reason to unpack when they move in because they'll only be here for 3 months. They also don't feel the need or have the time to really bond with anyone... Oh well. In a couple weeks we'll be heading back to Seattle though and I'm kind of looking forward to it.

I can't remember if I already blogged about this but this semester Stuart said if I got a babysitting job he wouldn't make me get a job which is handy for me because I can't drive so I got hooked up with a babysitting gig - Tuesday's at 7:30am.
Last week I got sick too. It was chronic, that's the perfect word to describe it... chronic.

That is all for now but I am going to blog better from now on. Stick a needle in my eye.

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