Saturday, April 28, 2007

Don't stop me now! I'm havin' such a good time, I'm havin' a ball!

Yesterday our tax return returned. Yessssss!
Today I got a notice from Immigration to say they're working on the paperwork I filed last summer. Double Yesssss! My 10 year green card should be here in a month if not sooner.
*Long sigh* I spoke to my mum on the phone today too which makes this weekend that much better. I'm not sure it can get any better.
Yesterday we went out on a triple date with Stuart's parents and their friends. We went to see Next, the new Nicolas Cage film. It was alright. Then we went to Applebees. That too was good.
This week was Rocky week. We need to go rent Rocky Balboa to finish it off... What a good week!

It feels so good knowing that I'm that much closer to be finished with this immigration milarky for a while. It's always on my mind, not knowing if it's being worked on or if it's been lost or whatever.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to...

It's been 2 weeks since we applied for our jobs at Jansport. We went down there on Monday to see what was happening and were told they're still sorting through things.
The question now is, how long do we wait before getting another job?

The other thing is that because I don't drive it means Stuart will be the only one getting a job. That means that we probably won't be going to Scotland. :( Let's just pray that Jansport get a move on and hire us both.

It's so frustrating that getting home should be such a challenge. I've always been taught that I have a home and I'm always welcome there. Now I can't get back to it. Of all things, seeing family shouldn't be such a challenge. It makes me so sad and I feel even worse for people who go longer than my mere 3 years of being away and not seeing my brother's and sister's. I already missed my oldest brother's wedding and now, chances are I'll miss my older sister's one too. *Sob Sob*... It's torturous.

We got a Rocky box set and have been working our way through them happily. We're on number 5 and then I really want to see the new one, Rocky Balboa. It brings back sweet sweet memories watching it. I love when Stuart's like "HIT HIM BACK ROCKY!" and I'm all like, "He's not hitting back for a reason. He's tiring him out, dough ball. He'll kick his trash in a minute." It's how Andrew and my dad wrestle about. Andrew runs circles around my dad until my dad is puffed out and dying then gets him in some kind of headlock and wins. Fond memories.

Stuart's favorite game is Bang. It's a card game that's pretty complicated. I bought it for him for his Christmas and am now tired of it. It's one of those long, stratigical games where you're trying to kill people and you're never really sure what their role is. The only person you know is the Sheriff and he has a Deputy who's trying to protect him but you have to work out who's being the Deputy. Then there's one Renegade and everyone else are Outlaws. The Renegade doesn't want the Sheriff dead until last and the Deputy wants the Sheriff to stay alive... It's confussing. If you ever visit us it's guarenteed that Stuart will bring it up atleast once and then he'll try and get you to play it...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Keeping the blog alive.

Not much is going on here. We're still waiting for Jansport to sentence us. Yesterday I went shopping and bought a pair of jeans, a hoodie and a little dress thing to wear over my jeans. I'm really into short dresses over trousers right now. I love it.

I've been eating so much junk recently that I decided on Monday it was time for a little exercise. I did some time on the eliptical machine and died. I like to do the kind of workout where I don't know I'm actually doing anything, like rolling about on the floor doing pilates. Stuart's mum was doing some workout yesterday on one of those big bouncy balls and it looked like great fun. Maybe I'll do that sometime. Today I'm going to do Dance Dance Revolution as my exercise.
I also need to work on my new craft some more - Laurie reminded me. I have some hair bands left and some ribbon. The reason I started the hair band thing was because I love Tarina Tarantino but do not love her abominal prices...
These little puppies costs $95 - $165 to buy from her. Sick.

And this little thing costs less than 2 bucks to make. I know they don't even look almost the same but if I make my budget a little bigger ($2.50) I could make a pretty good clone of hers I reckon. I just need to find the right ribbon.

I need to take some pictures of something to share with everyone. Maybe today Stuart will do something stupid that I can take pictures of.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rexburg to Marysville.


In Montana they want you to come in and have a ball at their Testicle Festival. We passed.

Live trees begin to appear...

And water...

And then snow because...

We're back in Idaho

Then it gets lovely as we get back in to Washington.

How else could you wash a ton if it never rained?


We went to Dick's for dinner.

I hope you enjoyed the trip.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One step closer...

Easter Sunday was perhaps the longest day EVER...
It began at 3.30am when the phone rang. I woke up confused and told Stuart, "Stuart, the phone is ringing." He got up and ran into the kitchen to get the phone. He thought it was his work calling to tell him he was late. Clearly he was confused too because 1. He's never worked on Sunday and 2. He quit work that Thursday...

I did have a feeling that I knew who would be phoning at that time in the morning. When Stuart came back it was made known that I was right. Beki. She was leaving a message on the answer machine when Stu picked the phone up so her message didn't get recorded but he said that he tried to interupt her but she just kept talking. "It's like Beki *is* an answer machine!" is what he said and if you know Beki then you'll know that that is a perfect statement. If she was to be anything else but a human she'd be an answer machine.

So, we went back to sleep. The alarm went off at 5am because we wanted to be out at 6am. All that went to plan pretty much. Stuart's parent's and 2 of his siblings came down on Thursday so we were all driving back convoy style.

Stuart wanted me to help keep him awake the whole time because he didn't sleep well after Beki phoned so I forced myself to stay awake for the whole stinkin journey. Most of the time I was singing Queen songs. Stuart explained to me what "Bohemian Rhapsody" is about. I think "Don't stop me now" is probably my most favorite Queen song. We also played "The Minister's cat" for a while with Stuart's youngest sister to keep ourselves entertained. It worked and then I sang some more.

I tried to phone home on the way because it was Cameron's birthday and he was having a little party and all my brothers and sisters were there. I spoke to my dad, Andrew, mum, Beki, Cameron and Scott but got cut off talking to Scott because we were going through Montana and it's a mountainous state indeed. I was a wee bit sad I got cut off but it won't be long now until I get to see them. Yessss!
We stopped at Dick's for dinner and then got home at 7pm.

The change in scenery is quite amazing. I took pictures along the way so I could post them here but I'll have to do that later because our computer died again and I don't know how to get my photos on this computer.

Yesterday we pottered about and we were invited over to a friends house for FHE. We had a grand time playing Ultimate Yahtzee or something. It was a super fast game that made Stuart all crazy and jumpy which in turn riled me up. Dice were going everywhere and I don't think I actually got rid of any cards because I was so worked up.

Then today we went to Jansport to apply. I'm certain we'll be hired soon and we'll be starting on the 19th. Yup. I also got to eat some Orange Chicken from Panda Express. My fortune cookie says that "Fame is in my future."

I get a little sad when I come back here because I don't have any friends and I feel like a loser but now Scott is back from his mission and he's engaged to the wonderful Aileen (fellow Ultimate Yahtzee players) so I'm more relaxed and happier. My Kirsten buddy is also here this time.

This summer is going to be fun. Having friends makes summer special.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

New Craft.

I wanted to start a new craft this summer and here it is...

Cute hair bands!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Reading Day: Tuesday.

Yesterday was Stuart's day for getting ready for his exams. He got up early for work (3:30am) and then once work was finished (7:30am) he went to sell his school books back. At 8am I heard the front door open, some scurrying and then the front door close and lock... I was highly confused but went back to sleep. Later I was awakened by Stuart jumping on the bed. I wasn't sure if he remembered that he was married to me and I don't enjoy such awakenings. I don't even speak for the first half hour of being awake because I'm likely to say something really nasty...

Anyway, I looked at him and thought about saying something mean but didn't. He was smiling at me and it didn't annoy me. Then he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out some moulah. Sweet mother! I was not grumpy that morning. He split the money with me. Then he pulled me out of bed and offered to dress me because I was somewhat confused. I declined. I dressed myself. Brushed my teeth and away we went to sell back another book and then the kind, loving husband of mine took me to McDonald's for breakfast because no shops were open yet... We ate and chatted. I was very excited to spend the whole day with him. It's been ages since he's had free time.

We went out and shopped. I haven't spent any money on myself since Christmas when I bought 2 t-shirts. Stuart said I deserved it... especially after those stupid fish (see previous post.)

I bought a little babydoll dress thing to wear over my jeans, a belt to keep my jeans up, ribbon to make hair bands, cheapo hair bands to cover in ribbon, some hair straightening stuff for brown hair since I dyed my hair a couple weeks ago to brown... and I got a girdle. Yes. Weird I know. It freaks Stuart out but I like it. We have a couple of weddings to go to this summer so I'll feel lovely when I'm dressed up with my girdle on.

Stuart had mentioned that his friend, Jeff was organising a Nerf war - Jeff modifies Nerf guns to make them more powerful and less safe. I was a little sad that I wouldn't get him for the whole day but that was ok. Jeff phoned and then all of a sudden my living room was full of Nerf guns and tools and red dust from making darts. The livingroom was already a mess because... well... Stuart lives here. He'd been getting things pulled out to be packed but hadn't packed them yet... Then UPS came and delivered more Nerf stuff for Jeff... They sat about making darts for a while then Jeff disappeared to get some lunch. He very kindly bought me some pink milk and fries.

They took off to play with a couple other boys and I got started on dinner.

We had our buddy Jake over for dinner because we haven't seen him much this semester and his wife, wonderful Rachel was sadly out of town. We hung out and ate and chatted and played the Wii... Then Russ and Hilary came over to do some laundry and to study... Stuart and Russ work together. By the time they left it was after midnight and Stuart didn't feel like he could go to sleep and then get up in 3 hours so he stayed up and went to work at 4am then came home and slept for a couple hours and now he's at school finishing up his finals.

All in all it was a loooong day and a very social, sunny one too.

I have so much I have to get done by tomorrow night before Stuart's family arrive. I just can't get over how quick the semester has gone. I hope our time at Jansport goes just as fast.

Monday, April 2, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish...

Stuart and I are now the proud parents of about twenty kajillion and a half baby guppies. Oh yes...
If we never have children of our own atleast we'll have our guppies. Stuart was talking about putting some in a jar and carrying them about with him to show how proud he is of his kids but he didn't want to pick favorites so early on.

Did you know that guppies don't lay eggs but actually give birth to live fishies? It's true.

We had to go out and buy some things for them because we'll be leaving here at the end of the week and they'll be fish-sat. I was somewhat very irked by the end of the shopping spree. We/Stuart spend $70 on fish stuff.
They needed an automatic feeder because they're meant to be fed every couple of hours when they're so small. They'll atleast be fed twice a day this way and there's some things growing in there for them to eat and it's not like there's someone feeding them when they live in the sea, right?... We just don't want to have our friends to have to come over 10 times a day to feed them... The plan was they'd come over every few days... That's still the plan, thanks to the automatic feeder.

I tried to take a picture to show you our little multitude but they're too small and swim super fast.

... 70 bucks though... sick. That's like 3 pairs of new shoes and a t-shirt / 7 tshirts / 2 dresses and 1 pair of shoes / 2 pairs of jeans and a hoody and shipping... The combinations are endless. If Stuart was writing this it would be more like this: 70 dollar menu items / 1 Wii game and some crisps and pop / 6 Bajio meals / 14 Craigo's pizza's... Oooh Pizza...

I hope I get mail today.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy Conference Sunday!

So today I'm a little sad. I think I'm experiencing a different kind of homesickness.
Over the past 3 years I've met a lot of people through being here in Rexburg and having lived in Marysville every summer since I've been over here. I'm starting to get tired of saying 'good bye' to people and then there's people who I feel forgotten by because I don't live so close to them.

I am looking forward to going back to Scotland to reconnect with the people who I've known and loved for the longest but then I'll be gone from people that I'm trying to connect with here in Rexburg... What am I to do? *sigh* I don't know. I'm just trying my best to give everyone the chance to follow me through this blog. So if you live in Rexburg or I met you here, you know I'm sad to be saying 'good bye' to you for the summer or longer. If you're in Scotland you now know how important it is to me to see you at some point when I'm back...

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my fingers... Today, Stuart and I went on a wee adventure to find an ampitheatre that's 5 minutes from our apartment. It wasn't very impressive but we had a nice time...

... see?