Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Keeping the blog alive.

Not much is going on here. We're still waiting for Jansport to sentence us. Yesterday I went shopping and bought a pair of jeans, a hoodie and a little dress thing to wear over my jeans. I'm really into short dresses over trousers right now. I love it.

I've been eating so much junk recently that I decided on Monday it was time for a little exercise. I did some time on the eliptical machine and died. I like to do the kind of workout where I don't know I'm actually doing anything, like rolling about on the floor doing pilates. Stuart's mum was doing some workout yesterday on one of those big bouncy balls and it looked like great fun. Maybe I'll do that sometime. Today I'm going to do Dance Dance Revolution as my exercise.
I also need to work on my new craft some more - Laurie reminded me. I have some hair bands left and some ribbon. The reason I started the hair band thing was because I love Tarina Tarantino but do not love her abominal prices...
These little puppies costs $95 - $165 to buy from her. Sick.

And this little thing costs less than 2 bucks to make. I know they don't even look almost the same but if I make my budget a little bigger ($2.50) I could make a pretty good clone of hers I reckon. I just need to find the right ribbon.

I need to take some pictures of something to share with everyone. Maybe today Stuart will do something stupid that I can take pictures of.


ShaBANG said...

Her's are big and gaudy! You're are small and elegant. But that's just according to me! I love them.
Hey I have a ps2 and dance dance revolution. I put it in work out mode for an hour the first night I got it.

You know that's like joggin about 3 miles? I bet the neighbors who live in the bottom condo hate me now!

Viva La DDR!

Sherpa said...

I really like the headbands.