Saturday, April 28, 2007

Don't stop me now! I'm havin' such a good time, I'm havin' a ball!

Yesterday our tax return returned. Yessssss!
Today I got a notice from Immigration to say they're working on the paperwork I filed last summer. Double Yesssss! My 10 year green card should be here in a month if not sooner.
*Long sigh* I spoke to my mum on the phone today too which makes this weekend that much better. I'm not sure it can get any better.
Yesterday we went out on a triple date with Stuart's parents and their friends. We went to see Next, the new Nicolas Cage film. It was alright. Then we went to Applebees. That too was good.
This week was Rocky week. We need to go rent Rocky Balboa to finish it off... What a good week!

It feels so good knowing that I'm that much closer to be finished with this immigration milarky for a while. It's always on my mind, not knowing if it's being worked on or if it's been lost or whatever.


Katz said...

yippee for money and yippee for green cards!

i wanna go on a date. not with you. stalker.

Mark J. said...

Awesome news on the green card! It really sucks that Immigration has to make it so hard for everybody.