Monday, April 2, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish...

Stuart and I are now the proud parents of about twenty kajillion and a half baby guppies. Oh yes...
If we never have children of our own atleast we'll have our guppies. Stuart was talking about putting some in a jar and carrying them about with him to show how proud he is of his kids but he didn't want to pick favorites so early on.

Did you know that guppies don't lay eggs but actually give birth to live fishies? It's true.

We had to go out and buy some things for them because we'll be leaving here at the end of the week and they'll be fish-sat. I was somewhat very irked by the end of the shopping spree. We/Stuart spend $70 on fish stuff.
They needed an automatic feeder because they're meant to be fed every couple of hours when they're so small. They'll atleast be fed twice a day this way and there's some things growing in there for them to eat and it's not like there's someone feeding them when they live in the sea, right?... We just don't want to have our friends to have to come over 10 times a day to feed them... The plan was they'd come over every few days... That's still the plan, thanks to the automatic feeder.

I tried to take a picture to show you our little multitude but they're too small and swim super fast.

... 70 bucks though... sick. That's like 3 pairs of new shoes and a t-shirt / 7 tshirts / 2 dresses and 1 pair of shoes / 2 pairs of jeans and a hoody and shipping... The combinations are endless. If Stuart was writing this it would be more like this: 70 dollar menu items / 1 Wii game and some crisps and pop / 6 Bajio meals / 14 Craigo's pizza's... Oooh Pizza...

I hope I get mail today.

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