Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One step closer...

Easter Sunday was perhaps the longest day EVER...
It began at 3.30am when the phone rang. I woke up confused and told Stuart, "Stuart, the phone is ringing." He got up and ran into the kitchen to get the phone. He thought it was his work calling to tell him he was late. Clearly he was confused too because 1. He's never worked on Sunday and 2. He quit work that Thursday...

I did have a feeling that I knew who would be phoning at that time in the morning. When Stuart came back it was made known that I was right. Beki. She was leaving a message on the answer machine when Stu picked the phone up so her message didn't get recorded but he said that he tried to interupt her but she just kept talking. "It's like Beki *is* an answer machine!" is what he said and if you know Beki then you'll know that that is a perfect statement. If she was to be anything else but a human she'd be an answer machine.

So, we went back to sleep. The alarm went off at 5am because we wanted to be out at 6am. All that went to plan pretty much. Stuart's parent's and 2 of his siblings came down on Thursday so we were all driving back convoy style.

Stuart wanted me to help keep him awake the whole time because he didn't sleep well after Beki phoned so I forced myself to stay awake for the whole stinkin journey. Most of the time I was singing Queen songs. Stuart explained to me what "Bohemian Rhapsody" is about. I think "Don't stop me now" is probably my most favorite Queen song. We also played "The Minister's cat" for a while with Stuart's youngest sister to keep ourselves entertained. It worked and then I sang some more.

I tried to phone home on the way because it was Cameron's birthday and he was having a little party and all my brothers and sisters were there. I spoke to my dad, Andrew, mum, Beki, Cameron and Scott but got cut off talking to Scott because we were going through Montana and it's a mountainous state indeed. I was a wee bit sad I got cut off but it won't be long now until I get to see them. Yessss!
We stopped at Dick's for dinner and then got home at 7pm.

The change in scenery is quite amazing. I took pictures along the way so I could post them here but I'll have to do that later because our computer died again and I don't know how to get my photos on this computer.

Yesterday we pottered about and we were invited over to a friends house for FHE. We had a grand time playing Ultimate Yahtzee or something. It was a super fast game that made Stuart all crazy and jumpy which in turn riled me up. Dice were going everywhere and I don't think I actually got rid of any cards because I was so worked up.

Then today we went to Jansport to apply. I'm certain we'll be hired soon and we'll be starting on the 19th. Yup. I also got to eat some Orange Chicken from Panda Express. My fortune cookie says that "Fame is in my future."

I get a little sad when I come back here because I don't have any friends and I feel like a loser but now Scott is back from his mission and he's engaged to the wonderful Aileen (fellow Ultimate Yahtzee players) so I'm more relaxed and happier. My Kirsten buddy is also here this time.

This summer is going to be fun. Having friends makes summer special.


Krispy said...

I might visit Seattle this summer. If I do, we will have to go to Dicks.

Laura said...

Heck yes we will!