Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Reading Day: Tuesday.

Yesterday was Stuart's day for getting ready for his exams. He got up early for work (3:30am) and then once work was finished (7:30am) he went to sell his school books back. At 8am I heard the front door open, some scurrying and then the front door close and lock... I was highly confused but went back to sleep. Later I was awakened by Stuart jumping on the bed. I wasn't sure if he remembered that he was married to me and I don't enjoy such awakenings. I don't even speak for the first half hour of being awake because I'm likely to say something really nasty...

Anyway, I looked at him and thought about saying something mean but didn't. He was smiling at me and it didn't annoy me. Then he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out some moulah. Sweet mother! I was not grumpy that morning. He split the money with me. Then he pulled me out of bed and offered to dress me because I was somewhat confused. I declined. I dressed myself. Brushed my teeth and away we went to sell back another book and then the kind, loving husband of mine took me to McDonald's for breakfast because no shops were open yet... We ate and chatted. I was very excited to spend the whole day with him. It's been ages since he's had free time.

We went out and shopped. I haven't spent any money on myself since Christmas when I bought 2 t-shirts. Stuart said I deserved it... especially after those stupid fish (see previous post.)

I bought a little babydoll dress thing to wear over my jeans, a belt to keep my jeans up, ribbon to make hair bands, cheapo hair bands to cover in ribbon, some hair straightening stuff for brown hair since I dyed my hair a couple weeks ago to brown... and I got a girdle. Yes. Weird I know. It freaks Stuart out but I like it. We have a couple of weddings to go to this summer so I'll feel lovely when I'm dressed up with my girdle on.

Stuart had mentioned that his friend, Jeff was organising a Nerf war - Jeff modifies Nerf guns to make them more powerful and less safe. I was a little sad that I wouldn't get him for the whole day but that was ok. Jeff phoned and then all of a sudden my living room was full of Nerf guns and tools and red dust from making darts. The livingroom was already a mess because... well... Stuart lives here. He'd been getting things pulled out to be packed but hadn't packed them yet... Then UPS came and delivered more Nerf stuff for Jeff... They sat about making darts for a while then Jeff disappeared to get some lunch. He very kindly bought me some pink milk and fries.

They took off to play with a couple other boys and I got started on dinner.

We had our buddy Jake over for dinner because we haven't seen him much this semester and his wife, wonderful Rachel was sadly out of town. We hung out and ate and chatted and played the Wii... Then Russ and Hilary came over to do some laundry and to study... Stuart and Russ work together. By the time they left it was after midnight and Stuart didn't feel like he could go to sleep and then get up in 3 hours so he stayed up and went to work at 4am then came home and slept for a couple hours and now he's at school finishing up his finals.

All in all it was a loooong day and a very social, sunny one too.

I have so much I have to get done by tomorrow night before Stuart's family arrive. I just can't get over how quick the semester has gone. I hope our time at Jansport goes just as fast.

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