Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Can't Touch This!

Today was such a fun day at work. I think when you can tell someone is in a horrible mood it really ruins it for everyone who can see.

Sometimes I marvel at what goes on in my brain. Today's thoughts were highly distracting and I was much amused with most of them so I decided to share and now I'll share them with you; as usual I'm practically waiting to hear your answers...

The first thought of the day was something I read on another blog -

What tooth do you brush the most? Me, I'm thinking myleft bottom canine tooth I believe is the one that gets the most brushing because I'm right handed so that side probably gets more brushed and that tooth gets it from both sides. If not that tooth then my bottom right wisdom tooth is the winner because I worry about that one.

Next question is trickier - If you were only allowed to have one finger, just one which would you pick? And no, you can't have a hook instead. You're only allowed one, that means one hand would have none. Thumbs are included in the choices.

I'm still not certain of my answer for this one. As of right now I think I'd keep my middle finger on my right hand. It would have support on either side of it so it wouldn't break as easy. I can scratch and pick my nose with it. I can kind of hook things with it... Yeah, that's the one.

This next one I have no answer for. I have a hefty list of pro's and con's though.

If you had to marry one who would you choose - The Tinman (no heart) or Scarecrow (no brain)? I'm talking married as in living together, being intimate and everything that goes with being married... This is the one that really stumped me.

The thought of the snuggling up to Tinman does not sound nice to me. He could atleast think about loving me but then Scarecrow's are full of straw and that would make hugs itchy and he'd have no brain to think with... Tinman couldn't make it through an airport I'm quite sure... Scarecrow is highly flamable... Tinman would rust when you madeout with him and he could probably accidently hurt you because he's made out of metal... Scarecrow is just stupid... I have no idea.


Tamara said...

You forgot to mention that at least the Scarecrow LOVES you! That's a big one in his favor, I say.

Shannon said...

I pick the scarecrow. Most men are lacking brains anyways, aren't they?

Crazy Walker said...

You can't have the cowardly lion? But Lions are so cute! I guess that does lend itself to interspecies breeding...which may present a problem...

I say go for the scarecrow...maybe his love and generosity will make up for his scratchiness, and hey, maybe he could put on a nice soft hoodie to cover it up?

As for the finger...I'd say the pointer. I have the most control over that one. If I had only my middle finger I'd be way too tempted to let it fly more often.

geNeric_gurL said...

you are so funny

Joycelyn said...

Pointer so I could chicken finger type on our blogs. :-)

I say scarecrow, too, bc at least he can love me, right?