Thursday, May 3, 2007

If you were a car...

Yesterday when I was out and about with Kirsten she asked me if I was a car which kind would I be... I think I'd be an old VW Campervan, Kirsten agreed. Originally I thought I'd be a pink one just because that's my favorite colour but if I was the car I'd probably be silver and not so attention grabbing. The reason I'd be a campervan and not a regular old RV is because I prefer the beach to any other place and VW campervan's are more surfy than an RV...

Kirsten would be an old Mini Cooper. Zippy, classic, sleek and petite. I think she'd be a red one.

We then got to talking about what kind of car Stuart would be.
Stuart is reliable, not very well organised, kind and always has a good memory to share. You can depend on Stuart to be there if you need help. Stuart would be a brown car. Brown, like a good memory not poopy brown. He would be the car that's sitting outside right now.
We call it Skidmark but to the rest of the world it's known as an 84 Honda Accord.
Kirsten pointed out that he'd be the old brown Honda Accord with
3 or less hubcaps. Never 4. When I told him about our turning him
into this car he disagreed. He fancied himself as a blue Mustang.

The whole thing got me thinking about what Spirit Animal I'd be. It's something I think about often since I first heard about Spirit Animals when I was working at Jansport last summer.
It's fun talking about it and trying to place who'd be what. I love it when someone mentions an animal that someone would be and it's perfect. Like when I said Megan would be a white circus pony with feathers and everything. Vain... haha! Perfect!

Stuart would be an sheepdog. The animal version of the car.
Hardworking, loyal, reliable, kind, noisy. He's also good at causing confusion. He makes a mess but can pull it all together in the end...

Megan thought I'd be a seahorse. I liked that idea a lot. Seahorses are cute and Megan and I are quite similar so the horse idea worked. If a unicorn was real I'd be that... Today I think I'd be a male Narwhal. They're quirky, funny beasts. I hadn't even heard of one until I saw Elf. They look funny and they're rare. No-one really knows that much about them... I wish I were a boy Narwhal.


Trude said...

I'd like to be a Mustang of the car variety please .. a '68 model convertible .. not that I go around with my top down ..

Laura said...

I can see you being a sassy car... what colour?

Trude said...

lemon (or pale yellow sounds better) .. with black leather interior .. thankyou

Anonymous said...

i'm a yellow jeep cherokee.

i'm forcing you to hang out with me when i come home.
<3 Carly

Kristin said...

love your blog! :)

If I were a car, I would be a little SUV - the perfect balance between size, speed, and comfort. (haha - I had to google in "what kind of car am I quiz" to get that answer...I am so not creative!)

- kiwi_spice on MC -

Crazy Walker said...

Do you know how many conversations my husband and I have like this? It's more of, "Okay, name the 5 cars you will have when we have lots of money" or "Name the 5 places you want to go when we retire".

So, my answer: A black and orange Scion XB. Roomy and trendy, bright and bold but still lots of fun and not too flashy.

My husband's answer: A VW bug. This is the man who wants a car that cannot be found in the US.

Tucker Family said...

You always have the funnest posts. I wish I was as creative as you on my posts.

Krispy said...

I don't know what kind of car I'd be. You tell me. If I were an animal, though, I'd definitely be a lion, a boy one, so I could have a mane.

ShaBANG said...

If I were a vehicle, I'd be a Suburban. Simply because I'd want to have enough room to have the people and things I love with me anytime I went someplace. And they give good service. We used to call them Neighborhood transporters. You really can put a whole neighborhood of kids in one.
If I were an animal, I'd be a PUMA for sure? Why a Puma? Because leopards are sooo 1990's