Thursday, May 10, 2007


*I have to try really hard to be positive. If I'm going to be Laura-Raincloud on this blog then there is no point in typing anything. Ok, Laura, pull it together!*
Today was the first day of work. It was as expected. Boring and painful.
I'm working there so I can go home to Scotland for a bit this summer. I haven't been back in 3 years and I want to see my family.
The whole point of coming back to Seattle was so we would work - not for fun although fun is great but again, not why we came back. Oh how I do enjoy fun though... Staying up late playing games or hanging out with friends... Those days are gone. Now we have to be out the house by 5.10am and we'll be home by 4.30pm... 6 days a week.
Last year after we finished working there I had a sneaky plan that would have stopped me from working there again but it didn't work. The plan was to get pregnant. I know, I know, I'm terrible. I would like a kid so it isn't like I just wanted one for the summer... Atleast this way I'll get home once and then it'll be out of my system... also I'll have health insurance when we get back to school.

Leave me some words of encouragement, would ya.


Shannon said...

When you are in Scotland, all this misery you are suffering will be nothing but a distant memory.
Does that work as encouragement?
Oh yeah, and you can borrow any or all of my babies any time you like.

Laura said...

Well, that works as something. Thanks Shannon.

Tucker Family said...

Keep pictures of home with you at work. Then when you get down you can look and see what you are working so hard for.