Thursday, June 28, 2007

Love of our lives: The Cambino Bambino.

This is Cameron. He's 4 years old and our most favorite little human. We're almost worried to have children incase we don't like them as much as we like him.
One day I was playing with him and teaching him body parts using his toy dinosaur as a prop. He was 2 at the time. The story goes like this:
Laura: "Cameron, where's your arms?" *Wiggling the dinosaurs arms*
Cameron: "Here they are!" *Flapping his arms*
Laura: "Good boy! Where's your nose?!" *Pointing to the dinosaurs nose*
Cameron: "Here's my nose!" *Poking his nose*
Laura: *Trying to be tricky* "Cameron, where's your tail?!"
Cameron:*Looking mortally offended* "It's NOT a TAIL!" *Putting his little hands over his boy bits*
Laura: "Oh!"

Cameron is my little sister's son. He's super creative. I like to think it's because we used to play Beach Boys to him through head phones whilst he was still in the womb.

His womb name was Toby.

One day he walked into the living room and went over to my dad and said "Papa?" "What, Cameron?" "You're head's really big." Then he walked away.

He'd eat Goldfish crackers by biting off their head and saying, "no heeeead" and then their tail, "no taaaaail". He also likes rootbeer and would drink it until he was 'drunk'. He liked to claim other people are drunk in really awkard places, like church. He also liked to lick faces... He probably gets that from my mum.

One day he was playing with a hershey's rose that a friend made for me. I was in my bedroom and he was in my livingroom with Beki. I heard the conversation:

Beki: "Oh Cameron you just broke Laura's flower."

Cameron: "Oh oh."
Beki: " You better take it to Laura and tell her what happened."
*Cameron comes to my room*
Laura: "Cameron, what happened?"

Cameron: *Looking straight at me, so cute* "Mum broke your flower."
Beki: *Yelling from the other room* "Did he just say I broke that?!"... She didn't.

Cameron loves getting dizzy and we love making him dizzy. He also love star's and the moon and fake burping.

He's amazing.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My mum.

I have a lot of funny stories about my mum but I think to really understand her I have to share some of the other ones, the ones that have helped made me be who I am. My mum really shaped who I am today. I want to be like her she's *that* amazing.

1993 may have been the hardest year of my life. In the January my youngest sister died and then in the December we moved house. We moved from the west coast to the east coast of Scotland so my dad could run his business of importing sandblasting grit from Holland. We moved into a big house (haunted) in a tiny city. I started being bullied and didn't cope with it very well. I'd stay home playing sick and eventually making myself sick... Anyway, the whole time my mum was there trying her best to take care of me. We finally got through it though and I'm glad to have had her there even though I behaved like I didn't want her. She never locks the bathroom door and I've visited her in the bathroom countless times just for a chat. She was never startled when I burst in either. If I didn't visit her when she was on the loo she'd know that 99% of the time I'd be waiting to jump out at her when she was coming out.

Up until I'd left home I'd still hold my mum's hand when crossing the road. I'm not sure if that's because I hate crossing roads or if it was because I was always told "hold my hand, we're crossing the road"... That's one to think about.

My mum taught me that it's important to have a tidy house so that if someone stops by unexpectedly you can invite them in and not be embarrassed. Even with 6 kids our house was always tidy. Many people have noticed that our family has a smell. That's because of my mum. We all smell clean and nice. Our house has the same smell. When we get packages from home Stuart always has dibs on the actual envelope having hopes that it has the familiar Stronach smell in it.

I think I have a special bond with my mum. I used to walk down to her work everyday to meet her and walk to the supermarket with her. She'd expect me to be there even though we never had an agreement that I'd meet her everyday. I used to tell her that I'd never leave home and she'd tell me that I'd better and now I have. I'm sure she regrets telling me I'd better leave home. Ha! I was also her Sunday helper. As soon as we got home from church I'd be in the kitchen helping and setting the table and serving. She sings all the time too, especially when cooking.

I get my sense of humour from both sides. My dad has a dry, awkward sense of humour and my mum is always ready to laugh. I'd say Humour is even a member of our family.

My mum likes to lick my face. The morning I left home I was awakened by someone getting into bed with me and then having my face licked. I was awakened regularly with a face lick from my mum.

My mum is the best cook in and out of the Universe. When she gets angry her right eye starts to point in. She's never dyed her hair and is 2 years older than my dad. We have the same size feet. If she's eaten a bag of crisps she folds the poke up and uses the corner to 'floss' her teeth. She also has a distinctful burp and says "ooch aye" at the end of a yawn. She's a nail biter and a tan-orexic and a lightening fast knitter.

She's quite quirky and she's my best friend.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Dad could beat up your Dad!

I figured that seeing as I don't have much going on right now and I don't want to get out of the habit of writing here I'd write about my family. I'll start with my dad seeing as Father's Day just passed.

My Dad; the man of the house and the head of the table.

When you first meet my dad you'd think he's intimidating and scary. Even after knowing him a while you might still think that. You'd be thinking right. He actually is intimidating and scary. The story of how my parent's met paints a good picture of both of them.
They met at a church dance. My mum needed a lift home and was told to go speak to Robert because he'd be heading home in her direction. She went over to ask him and he said he'd take her home if she'd get on her knees and beg. She said 'no' and thought he was a jerk. In the end he did take her home and asked if he could come see her again.

My dad is the creator of awkward moments. I'd say he even thrives off of them.
On my 19th birthday Stuart was planning on asking me to marry him. As we sat down to my birthday dinner (spam and sweetcorn pie, oh yes!) he was sweaty and fidgity. My dad knew what was going on; Stuart was trying to work up the nerves to ask my dad for permission to marry me. Stuart is probably an easy target when it comes to creating an awkward moment.

Dad: Stuart, just get it over with so we can all enjoy our dinner!
Stuart: What? (Everyone looks at Stuart.)
Stuart: IwanttomarryLaura! (Everyone bursts out laughing.)
Dad: (Clearly expected a different response.) Ok... Can you take her to the Temple?
Stuart: Yes.
Dad: Ok then.
Stuart: Ok.
Laura: "I want to marry Laura!" That was it?!

That there was just a little example of the perfect creation of awkwardness.

My dad knows everything. If you ask him a question he can answer it. Anything! Just before I left home I asked him something and it was the first time I'd ever heard "I don't know" be his reply. So he knows everything apart from that one thing he doesn't know but maybe he knows it now... I expected to marry someone who knew everything like my dad. My dad can also fix anything. One time we were on a bus going down to the London temple on a Stake Temple trip and the bus broke down. My dad got off the bus with the driver then came back on and asked if someone would give him a shoe lace. He disappeared off the bus with the lace and came back on. Good as new! He fixed a broken down bus with a shoe lace!

My dad can catch big fish with his bear hands and I really mean BEAR! He also likes to eat roadkill.

The only things my dad is afraid of is needles and kidney beans.

One time he was at work and cut his index finger almost right off just above the knuckle closest to the nail. He cut a notch in his finger nail, got a piece of string and made a loop, bent his finger down and tied it up with string and put a little finger glove over it. He didn't go to a doctor because he knew they'd sew it up and he's scared of needles. His finger, like the broken down bus was good as new!

My dad is a rascal. When he was young he lived near a person with a big apple tree. They were never allowed to pick up the apples that fell from the tree so one night he climbed the tree and picked every single leaf of it except for one at the very top.

He is also very caring and compassionate. We're a family that goes on day trips. We'd often end up by a river or some body of water. I'm a scaredy cat. My dad would always carry me over his shoulder across slippery stepping stones so I could be part of the adventure. I might have had more of an adventure than anyone else because I was being carried across by my dad.

I like to think I repaid him for those trips across rivers by going to his bee's with him when I was older. No-one would ever go with him so I decided I would. I loved being with him but I hated being with the bee's. He'd inherited his bee equipment and outfits from a man he'd met through work. Some of my favorite stories come from our bee-keeping days.

We used to visit the bee's on Saturday's. One Saturday he'd gotten up earlier than me and went for a walk to see them by himself. I remember being shaken awake and hearing my dad's voice. When I opened my eyes it wasn't his face I was seeing. I was startled and I think I might have squealed a little. He had a big grin on his strange new face and seemed really pleased with himself. "It's me! Your dad!" he said. He'd gotten stung right between the eyes. He was also Bishop of our Ward at the time and had to conduct lessons the next day. It was hilarious. His eyes had swollen shut. He looked like the Elephant Man.

He's taught me a lot of important things (funnel! haha!) and given me a lot of hilarious memories. Stuart has a lot to live up to.
Strong, caring, spiritual, funny, serious, impatient, handy, honest - that's my dad.

My dad is my hero and I can't wait to see him again.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


On Saturday we went to see the new Fantastic 4 film. Twas much better than the first one. It was story packed and a good hour and half film. I ended up with a sympathetic crush on the Silver Surfer by the end of it.

Sunday, Danielle was spewing her guts out. Mark's guts were coming out too, he was "throwing down". Stuart started feeling sickly too. I stayed home from church because I can't sit for very long and Stuart wasn't going to go feeling sick. I made soup for the sicko's. It wasn't my usual Chinese Chicken Noodle because we didn't have eggs, so it couldn't be Chinese that way and we didn't have sweetcorn. It was plain chicken noodle and flippin' good! Danielle is possibly the biggest fan of my soup. She tried her best to keep it down, bless her, but failed.

Stuart set up Napster on our computer on Sunday. I'm addicted. I'm a downloading fiend. LOVE IT! I discovered some Nirvana/U2/REM/Greenday/Beach boys/The Cure/Coldplay songs made into lullabies. I wish they had Foo Fighters ones too... oh well, I dig it. I think I'll make compilations as baby shower gifts. Bless you Glockenspiel. And I've had my fill of Me First and The Gimme Gimmes. Oh yes. I love music. I got Greenday's 'Kerplunk' and it's brought back so many happy memories. 1998. The was when I was 13 and went to my first gig. Greenday's "Nimrod" tour. I went with Scott, Andrew and Emma.

Yesterday was the day the Chiropracter made me scream. Loud. It was funny. I was lying face down on the table thing and he was pushing my spine about and getting good results too. All of a sudden he pauses and I brace myself for getting up. No. He started attacking me with that bloody spine 'tapper'. "Tapper" that's a joke, surely. He now knows exactly how I feel about it. I started screaming so loud Beth could hear me in the waiting room. Haha. The good news is that I am getting better. I only have to go twice this week instead of three times. I'm not sure that I'll spend as much time on the excercise ball anymore. I think it makes me stiff and hunchy.
I asked him if I'd be ok to travel and he said 'yes'. I might be going back to work on Friday.

Beki and Dave are getting married this summer. She wants to wait until Stuart and I can be there. I think they'll get married before Emma and Niels who's date is set for August 11th, I think. Somewhere around there. We went to Scott and Aileen's reception on Friday night. It made me remember getting married and how happy I was, not that I'm not happy now. I'm very happy but it was a nostalgic happy I was feeling when thinking back. I love nostalgia and I love Stuart.

I wasn't really one for the wedding planning. I didn't really care. I think I was more concerned with the actual marriage. Now though if I was to get married again - to Stuart, of course - I have a kajillion ideas...

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I often wonder how the English language can be so different and still be called English.
That's just a slight wonder.

A bigger wonder is how on Earth can this UGLY thing be called a robin? Not at all festive.I almost choked on my tongue when I was told that was a robin. I've seen plenty of robin's in my life and that is not what I've been seeing.

This cute little thing is a robin.

It's about half the size of the Turdus migratorius. Yes, that's right. Turdus. The Latin name for the American robin. Is Turdus. The American and European robin's aren't even related.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It was raining.

Stuart took me to the mall on Saturday.

We went to Ruby's for lunch.

Stuart had the 50/50 Orange shake and I opted for the triple chocolate shake. Stuart dubbed it the PMS shake. PMS as in Psycho-Monster-Symptoms.

Then we had Jalapeno Cheese sticks. YUMP! I look a little surprised in this picture. I looked more surprised when we discovered that under the cheese sticks there was a layer of shredded cabbage instead of cheese sticks...

I think this is the Hickory Burger that Stuart is devouring. He looks famished!

This here is my chicken finger salad. (And yes, dad. I know chicken's don't have fingers... or nuggets.)

Heartaches and backaches.

I'll start with the Heartache part. On Friday I was getting ready to celebrate the weekend with Stuart because he got the whole weekend off. We were heading out to Bob's Burger and Brew with his family and grandparents. Just as we were heading out Beki, my little sister popped up online and I jumped at the chance to talk to her because she doesn't have the internet in her flat and I hardly ever get to talk to her.
She said she had some news and I was scared. Last time she had something important to tell us she was 14 and pregnant. This time it turns out she's 19 and pregnant. With twins.

That there is my heartache.

Feelings of guilt, betrayal, anger and plain old confusion have been at me since then. There are 3 years between us and Beki has always been over-protective of me. I've always tried my best to be a good example to her and choose the right so she can see how happy it makes me. It never worked though. Beki never wanted to do things that would make her like me. She always got really angry when mum muddled our names up and called her "Laura". I had to accept her over-protecting me but she wouldn't let me protect her.
I was lead to believe though that we were best friends. Since she had Cameron I thought we really were best friends. I stuck by her and helped her when a lot of other people were talking about her behind her back and abandoning her. It was hard for me because the things I hate most is being lied to. We worked it out though and are grateful to have Cameron in our lives. He's amazing.
Through conversations we've had in the past few years I thought she was doing alright and making things better but that was just what she wanted me to think.
So here I am and there she is. All I want is the best for her. I want her to be happy and I want to be her best friend.

On to Backaches...
(For Uncle John) My injury is a Lumbar sub-luxation. I partially dislocated my spine.

I passed my drug test (see "Urine Luck") and was able to start work on Monday. Today is Tuesday and I'm not at work. I'm lonely.
I went to work on Monday and 35 minutes into the work day I had to go have a wee sit down. I worked slowly with the help of my loyal Jansport pals who kindly brought me boxes to work on so I didn't have to lift anything. I went home at 10am. Everyone else was sent home at 2nd break so I didn't feel too guilty leaving them.
At 3pm yesterday I went to see Bill jr. His technique is different than his brother's. He asked how that went and I told him his brother killed me. We had a laugh about that and then he saw the bruises on my back. I just figured he left the dirty work to his brother because I'm always telling him that I don't want to cry or scream or be hurt and he didn't have the heart to do it himself. Oh well.

I think Jansport regrets hiring me. They might even want me to quit.

Oh, my 10 year green card arrived on Friday too.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Urine Luck...

Yesterday I went to the Chiropracter. He did a little spinal punching. I did not cry. Squeaking doesn't count as crying.
I had him fill out some information for my work. I can't lift anything over 10lbs. Occassional standing, sitting, walking, bending is allowed... I'm not sure what I'll be able to do. My job is standing, walking, bending and lifting 15lb boxes all day :-S Oh well, atleast I'll be making some money again for the trip home.

Today I went in for a Post Accident drug test. I found out yesterday that I needed to go do that and if you read my last Drug Test adventure/nightmare you'll know I wasn't very excited to go perform there... I went in and started guzzelling water like nobodies business then I was called in and desperate for a pee-pee. The Post Accident drug test begins with a breatheliser. I was lead to believe that's all there was to the whole thing. Relief. At the end of that I told the man that I was desperate to pee and he handed me a cup. DANGIT! Off I hobbled to the bathroom. Nervous. Sat down and peed. I could have filled 4 of those cups but did I catch enough in the one I had to fill...

YES! I did and it was good.

I've never hated anything as much as I hate this thing.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Joy is a flag flown high from the castle of my <3

Today is the day the Chiropracter makes me cry.

I just know it.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


I can't remember if I put this in my last post but my pelvis is so twisted that I'd lost my right love handle... I think the little guy's coming home!

This morning I feel different. Last night I was worried my left leg was going to pop out my hip socket but it hasn't. As I was getting up out of bed there was a few clicks and pops, hopefully because the inflammation is finally going down. Happy tail-bone. I'll continue icing it and being careful because I don't want back surgery - my chiropracter looked a bit worried yesterday.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Ye Olde Cripple.

Have you been wondering where I am and what smashingly exciting shinanigan's I've been getting up to?

This adventure started on Tuesday at Jansport. In the morning I got a sore back and just figured it was the beginning of a terrible backache due to standing up all day. I was right about the terrible backache part and it being the beginning of one. I was in pain so I reached into my backpack and grabbed some Advil. Advil happens to be Ibuprofen and I happen to be allergic to Ibuprofen. Oh-oh. The backpain got a lot worse and I was having trouble standing straight and also sitting. No pain was killed.

Tuesday night rolls around and I can't walk. That's never a good sign.

Wednesday is worse and I snuggle up in bed with a heat pad.

Thursday I go to the Chiropracter, Bill jr. (He deserves an honorable mention.) and he xrays my back and does this wierd thing pushing on my hips.

My xray shows that I have a super slipped disk that's making my hips twist out and my feet follow the twistage of the hips... My left lovehandle is the only one I have right now because my right one is twisted and gone... My tailbone is angry about the change too...

Today I went back to Bill jr. and he pulled my legs and popped my hips and poked my belly...

He thinks he might have to give me a special belt to help me. I cried that I was too young for that and he agreed. Maybe I'll get the corset on Monday at my next appointment.

He also told me that heat pads are bad. Ice is good.

He wrote a note to Jansport to let them know I can't work for a while because of my work related injury... eep! I filed paperwork to have Jansport cover my treatments because it is work related. I'm scared about that. Do companies get mad when this happens? Does it offend them? It's work related and I have no health insurance. I asked Bill if he was just after my money and he looked like I slapped his face. He doesn't want my money. He wants my spine to be better and my feet to point forward.

In the meantime my flowers are all dying because I can't stretch to water them. No stretching, bending or twisting for me. No heat pads or laz-E boy