Thursday, June 28, 2007

Love of our lives: The Cambino Bambino.

This is Cameron. He's 4 years old and our most favorite little human. We're almost worried to have children incase we don't like them as much as we like him.
One day I was playing with him and teaching him body parts using his toy dinosaur as a prop. He was 2 at the time. The story goes like this:
Laura: "Cameron, where's your arms?" *Wiggling the dinosaurs arms*
Cameron: "Here they are!" *Flapping his arms*
Laura: "Good boy! Where's your nose?!" *Pointing to the dinosaurs nose*
Cameron: "Here's my nose!" *Poking his nose*
Laura: *Trying to be tricky* "Cameron, where's your tail?!"
Cameron:*Looking mortally offended* "It's NOT a TAIL!" *Putting his little hands over his boy bits*
Laura: "Oh!"

Cameron is my little sister's son. He's super creative. I like to think it's because we used to play Beach Boys to him through head phones whilst he was still in the womb.

His womb name was Toby.

One day he walked into the living room and went over to my dad and said "Papa?" "What, Cameron?" "You're head's really big." Then he walked away.

He'd eat Goldfish crackers by biting off their head and saying, "no heeeead" and then their tail, "no taaaaail". He also likes rootbeer and would drink it until he was 'drunk'. He liked to claim other people are drunk in really awkard places, like church. He also liked to lick faces... He probably gets that from my mum.

One day he was playing with a hershey's rose that a friend made for me. I was in my bedroom and he was in my livingroom with Beki. I heard the conversation:

Beki: "Oh Cameron you just broke Laura's flower."

Cameron: "Oh oh."
Beki: " You better take it to Laura and tell her what happened."
*Cameron comes to my room*
Laura: "Cameron, what happened?"

Cameron: *Looking straight at me, so cute* "Mum broke your flower."
Beki: *Yelling from the other room* "Did he just say I broke that?!"... She didn't.

Cameron loves getting dizzy and we love making him dizzy. He also love star's and the moon and fake burping.

He's amazing.


Katz said...

i seriously hope that bronson is that awesome when he's 4. seriously.

Crazy Walker said...

He's adorable! Don't you just love little kids? I can't wait til Locke can give me flack and smart alec remarks! He already seems to be giving me mischevious looks.

Laura said...

Seriously, he's the most amazing little thing. When people inquire of our lack of children we let them know that we're waiting to have a 2 year old. I really want the Cambino.

Shannon said...

I love the posts about your family. All of them. It sounds like quite the fun and unique family.