Monday, June 25, 2007

My mum.

I have a lot of funny stories about my mum but I think to really understand her I have to share some of the other ones, the ones that have helped made me be who I am. My mum really shaped who I am today. I want to be like her she's *that* amazing.

1993 may have been the hardest year of my life. In the January my youngest sister died and then in the December we moved house. We moved from the west coast to the east coast of Scotland so my dad could run his business of importing sandblasting grit from Holland. We moved into a big house (haunted) in a tiny city. I started being bullied and didn't cope with it very well. I'd stay home playing sick and eventually making myself sick... Anyway, the whole time my mum was there trying her best to take care of me. We finally got through it though and I'm glad to have had her there even though I behaved like I didn't want her. She never locks the bathroom door and I've visited her in the bathroom countless times just for a chat. She was never startled when I burst in either. If I didn't visit her when she was on the loo she'd know that 99% of the time I'd be waiting to jump out at her when she was coming out.

Up until I'd left home I'd still hold my mum's hand when crossing the road. I'm not sure if that's because I hate crossing roads or if it was because I was always told "hold my hand, we're crossing the road"... That's one to think about.

My mum taught me that it's important to have a tidy house so that if someone stops by unexpectedly you can invite them in and not be embarrassed. Even with 6 kids our house was always tidy. Many people have noticed that our family has a smell. That's because of my mum. We all smell clean and nice. Our house has the same smell. When we get packages from home Stuart always has dibs on the actual envelope having hopes that it has the familiar Stronach smell in it.

I think I have a special bond with my mum. I used to walk down to her work everyday to meet her and walk to the supermarket with her. She'd expect me to be there even though we never had an agreement that I'd meet her everyday. I used to tell her that I'd never leave home and she'd tell me that I'd better and now I have. I'm sure she regrets telling me I'd better leave home. Ha! I was also her Sunday helper. As soon as we got home from church I'd be in the kitchen helping and setting the table and serving. She sings all the time too, especially when cooking.

I get my sense of humour from both sides. My dad has a dry, awkward sense of humour and my mum is always ready to laugh. I'd say Humour is even a member of our family.

My mum likes to lick my face. The morning I left home I was awakened by someone getting into bed with me and then having my face licked. I was awakened regularly with a face lick from my mum.

My mum is the best cook in and out of the Universe. When she gets angry her right eye starts to point in. She's never dyed her hair and is 2 years older than my dad. We have the same size feet. If she's eaten a bag of crisps she folds the poke up and uses the corner to 'floss' her teeth. She also has a distinctful burp and says "ooch aye" at the end of a yawn. She's a nail biter and a tan-orexic and a lightening fast knitter.

She's quite quirky and she's my best friend.


ShaBANG said...

SEE I KNEW IT! I told my daughter is WAS so normal for mama's to lick their kids faces. I''m so happy I'm not the only mama that has heart to hearts whilst I'm sitting on the water throne! Im so glad. I hope my relationship with my daughter is just like the one you have with your mum!

Liam'smommy said...

Your mum sounds wonderful. I bet you are counting the minutes until your visit. There's nothing like family, especially mommies.

Crazy Walker said...

I love hearing your stories about the homeland! (I can call it that, my son's middle name is named after some Scottish heritage).

I love hearing about your family too! I strive to be as clean as your momma.

Isa Mangelli ยบ said...

Hello! I'm a brazilian .. I don't know how to speak english very well, but i want to say that i loved this photo! Wonderfull!
oh, i have a blog too..
Kisses and hugs!!
Isa Mangelli

wonderwoman said...

Thats my girl. When laura was little she would ask if she was my favourite. I would say yes, you are my favourite Laura, Scott was my favourite Scott and Wendy was my favourite as was Emma and Rebecca and Andrew. But as Laura said Cameron is everyones favourite little human. How blessed can one person be.

Sherpa said...

Your mom does look like mine. Weird.