Tuesday, June 19, 2007


On Saturday we went to see the new Fantastic 4 film. Twas much better than the first one. It was story packed and a good hour and half film. I ended up with a sympathetic crush on the Silver Surfer by the end of it.

Sunday, Danielle was spewing her guts out. Mark's guts were coming out too, he was "throwing down". Stuart started feeling sickly too. I stayed home from church because I can't sit for very long and Stuart wasn't going to go feeling sick. I made soup for the sicko's. It wasn't my usual Chinese Chicken Noodle because we didn't have eggs, so it couldn't be Chinese that way and we didn't have sweetcorn. It was plain chicken noodle and flippin' good! Danielle is possibly the biggest fan of my soup. She tried her best to keep it down, bless her, but failed.

Stuart set up Napster on our computer on Sunday. I'm addicted. I'm a downloading fiend. LOVE IT! I discovered some Nirvana/U2/REM/Greenday/Beach boys/The Cure/Coldplay songs made into lullabies. I wish they had Foo Fighters ones too... oh well, I dig it. I think I'll make compilations as baby shower gifts. Bless you Glockenspiel. And I've had my fill of Me First and The Gimme Gimmes. Oh yes. I love music. I got Greenday's 'Kerplunk' and it's brought back so many happy memories. 1998. The was when I was 13 and went to my first gig. Greenday's "Nimrod" tour. I went with Scott, Andrew and Emma.

Yesterday was the day the Chiropracter made me scream. Loud. It was funny. I was lying face down on the table thing and he was pushing my spine about and getting good results too. All of a sudden he pauses and I brace myself for getting up. No. He started attacking me with that bloody spine 'tapper'. "Tapper" that's a joke, surely. He now knows exactly how I feel about it. I started screaming so loud Beth could hear me in the waiting room. Haha. The good news is that I am getting better. I only have to go twice this week instead of three times. I'm not sure that I'll spend as much time on the excercise ball anymore. I think it makes me stiff and hunchy.
I asked him if I'd be ok to travel and he said 'yes'. I might be going back to work on Friday.

Beki and Dave are getting married this summer. She wants to wait until Stuart and I can be there. I think they'll get married before Emma and Niels who's date is set for August 11th, I think. Somewhere around there. We went to Scott and Aileen's reception on Friday night. It made me remember getting married and how happy I was, not that I'm not happy now. I'm very happy but it was a nostalgic happy I was feeling when thinking back. I love nostalgia and I love Stuart.

I wasn't really one for the wedding planning. I didn't really care. I think I was more concerned with the actual marriage. Now though if I was to get married again - to Stuart, of course - I have a kajillion ideas...


Crazy Walker said...

FOO FIGHTERS! I thought I was the only one who had a crush on them!

Anonymous said...

Hey chicky poo! Why are you having to go to the Chiropracter dude? Just back pain or did something happen? I hope you feel better soon. The pic of your soup was so freakin cute! I loved it and it looked so yummy.
tell Beki I said congrats! Is she excited? Happy? NErvous? All the above? How do you like this guy? I hope he's a good guy. Anywho.. I miss you much. I love ya chick.