Thursday, June 14, 2007


I often wonder how the English language can be so different and still be called English.
That's just a slight wonder.

A bigger wonder is how on Earth can this UGLY thing be called a robin? Not at all festive.I almost choked on my tongue when I was told that was a robin. I've seen plenty of robin's in my life and that is not what I've been seeing.

This cute little thing is a robin.

It's about half the size of the Turdus migratorius. Yes, that's right. Turdus. The Latin name for the American robin. Is Turdus. The American and European robin's aren't even related.


Shannon said...

You're a smart cookie. Do Canadians have their own robin too? A non turdus perhaps?

Glen said...

I will need to take all night and ponder this one.

Laura said...

I couldn't find a canadian robin... if you've seen one that's big and mangy then it's a turdus, if not, congratulations.

Daniello Dello said...

Hehehe I remember this day. You like looked out the window and was all like "What the heck is that?" When I told you it was a robin you didn't believe me. Granted he did look like a very old worn out robin. But now I know to call them by their true name. Turdus.