Friday, June 1, 2007

Ye Olde Cripple.

Have you been wondering where I am and what smashingly exciting shinanigan's I've been getting up to?

This adventure started on Tuesday at Jansport. In the morning I got a sore back and just figured it was the beginning of a terrible backache due to standing up all day. I was right about the terrible backache part and it being the beginning of one. I was in pain so I reached into my backpack and grabbed some Advil. Advil happens to be Ibuprofen and I happen to be allergic to Ibuprofen. Oh-oh. The backpain got a lot worse and I was having trouble standing straight and also sitting. No pain was killed.

Tuesday night rolls around and I can't walk. That's never a good sign.

Wednesday is worse and I snuggle up in bed with a heat pad.

Thursday I go to the Chiropracter, Bill jr. (He deserves an honorable mention.) and he xrays my back and does this wierd thing pushing on my hips.

My xray shows that I have a super slipped disk that's making my hips twist out and my feet follow the twistage of the hips... My left lovehandle is the only one I have right now because my right one is twisted and gone... My tailbone is angry about the change too...

Today I went back to Bill jr. and he pulled my legs and popped my hips and poked my belly...

He thinks he might have to give me a special belt to help me. I cried that I was too young for that and he agreed. Maybe I'll get the corset on Monday at my next appointment.

He also told me that heat pads are bad. Ice is good.

He wrote a note to Jansport to let them know I can't work for a while because of my work related injury... eep! I filed paperwork to have Jansport cover my treatments because it is work related. I'm scared about that. Do companies get mad when this happens? Does it offend them? It's work related and I have no health insurance. I asked Bill if he was just after my money and he looked like I slapped his face. He doesn't want my money. He wants my spine to be better and my feet to point forward.

In the meantime my flowers are all dying because I can't stretch to water them. No stretching, bending or twisting for me. No heat pads or laz-E boy

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Shannon said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your back! I absolutey feel your pain and it is not fun. Do whatever the doctor tells you, even if it means wearing an old persons belt. Feel better soon!