Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Brechin Cathedral.

When we moved from the west coast I was 9 years old. We moved to Brechin. I spent the worst 3 years of my life there...
Anyway... Here's my old Primary School. It's as old as sin. They built a new school a few years after I was done there.We spent some time at the Cathedral. The Cathedral is the only thing that makes Brechin a city. I think the population there is around 2 thousand.

The Round Tower here is about 1000 years old.
Stuart took slighty less than 5 kajillion pictures of the stained glass windows. I love stained glass, especially old religious ones for some spooky reason...

They have a couple of ancient Pictish standing stones there too... (especially for Uncle John.)

Here's the old font...There's a lot of history right there. The Black Plague hit Brechin twice and I avoid the place like it's still there.

House of Dun.

Today I was planning on helping Beki with her wedding invitations. She's getting married in 3 weeks and doesn't have her invites sorted out. She did however get a dress yesterday. A gorgeous dress. By the time mum and dad got back from the funeral they went to it was after noon and Beki's stuff hadn't turned up for the invite making so we decided to go make something of the day.
We intended to go do The Blue Door Walk in Edzell but I wasn't sure how my back would hold up so we just headed out that way and found ourselves at The House of Dun.

The Georgian house was designed by William Adam and completed in 1730 for David Erskine, the 13th Laird of Dun. (I plagerised that.)

The Garden's were in full bloom.

We didn't want to pay for a tour so Dad took a tour of the inside from the outside...

Cameron spent a lot of his time running through tiny hedges. They also have some really old, super tall trees there... When I stood up after this picture my belt caught the tree bark and pulled it off into my trousers. Since then I've been called "Barky Bum/Pants"...

Monday, July 30, 2007

Congratulations all round!

First of all, Happy Birthday, Tamara/TamSport. Congratulations on living this long and I hope you live for many more exciting and wonderful years.

Secondly, congratulations to my wee K-diddy! I'm highly excited about your mission call and am so proud of you. You'll make a MARVELOUS missionary. I can't wait to hear all your adventures - now would be a good time to start a BLOG *ahem*... Ogden, Utah will never be the same!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Adventures in Arbroath.

Dad finished work yesterday for his 2 week summer holiday. Today we decided to head out to Arbroath. We went to the harbour and to the Signal House museum.
Then we went up to the Abbey. An Abbey is like a monastery.

This Abbey is where the Declaration of Arbroath was written in 1320.

''for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom -- for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.''

On the way home we stopped at the Declaration monument.

Tut Tut, Smells like... Scotland?

Okay-doke. I feel settled enough now to actually type up some of the adventures thus far.
We headed out to Seattle on Monday way earlier than we needed but we were happier that way. Just in case. We stopped at Dick's for lunch.

When we checked in to the airport there was a little problem because we used Stuart's parents credit card to get the tickets but that card was cancelled when his mum lost it. The bank flagged our ticket purchase as possible fraud. It got worked out though and we went on our way.

The flight was a direct one to London. Stuart read the new Harry Potter book most the time and we tried to watch some films together. We started to watch 'Premonition' but got bored. We started to watch 'Blades of Glory' but it was too crude for our liking. We watched 'Disturbia'. Meh. I think that film is the male version of a chick flick but for young teenaged boys. Tripe. I watched 'Walk The Line' and really enjoyed it...

We got into London and headed for our connecting flight to Aberdeen. When we got in to Aberdeen my mum was waiting for us whilst my dad drove about the carpark instead of parking. It was a glorious reunion. I shed a tear with excitement. As we were waiting for Stuart to fetch the luggage my mum informed me that she met Donny Osmond in the Preston Temple at the weekend. I became jealous.

We got home and mum made some sausage butty's for dinner - a butty is a roll with something in it. Sausages are my favorite. Emma's groom, Niels was there as was Beki, Cameron and Beki's groom, Dave. It was all very exciting.
That night Emma and Niels took us down to the beach for a little walk. I've really missed the salty air.

Niels left back to Denmark on Wednesday morning. We just hung out all day. Andrew came over.
Thursday mum and Beki went in to Dundee to try and find a wedding dress for Beki. We had Cameron for the day. It was great. We headed out to town via the park where Stuart and Cameron played together.

We walked into town with the wee man so it took a while.
We got into town and Stuart was hungry. I knew what he wanted so we stopped at the chip shop so he could get his Pizza Crunch fix. A pizza crunch is half a cheap pizza battered and deep fried.
When Stuart was paying Cameron got desperate for the loo all of a sudden so I took him to the bathroom. He didn't point 'it' down and I quickly jumped to do it. I told him that he had to pee in the toilet by pointing 'it' down. He informed me he could pee in his face if he didn't. I had no reply.

We went to Woolworths to visit Emma who was working there and to look at the toys. Then we went to Boots the chemist to get deodorant for Stuart. The pet shop was our last stop before getting the bus home. Stuart and Cameron tickled and attacked each other the whole way home.
Yesterday, Scott and his wife came over for a BBQ. They got married last summer and I'd not met her before. It was fun to see them. They brought pork & black pudding sausages. YUMMY!