Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Fourth on the Fifth!

Yesterday was a fun day. We played "Sequence" and "Catch Phrase". I sunbathed. We had yummy BBQ boneless pork ribs, corn on the cob and my homemade potato salad. Then we shot off fireworks and came in for some strawberry shortcake.

Stuart buys me a special animal firework each year. The first year I had Mr. Turtle, then the busy bee's joined Mr. Turtle and this year I had Mr. Panda, Mr. Turtle and some busy bee's...

I have to admit, Mr. Panda was pretty impressive.
We discovered how to take really cool pictures with our camera a while ago and used our skills to snap some pretty nifty firework and sparkler photos.

Here's a few picture's for your entertainment - Check out my sunburn.

I grabbed Danielle and Stuart for a group picture after we'd been taking insane ones for a while. Little did I know I was the only one still making faces. I'd thought "I'm not going to be the only one making a smiley face whilst they make goofy ones"... It worked out all wrong.
This last one of me and Stuart is my absolute favorite. It makes me die every time I look at it.

On Tuesday night we went to see Transformers. It was

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betty blast's mum said...

WOW! The sparkler pictures and the "ring of fire" turned out great!! I didn't think it would be so good!