Tuesday, July 31, 2007

House of Dun.

Today I was planning on helping Beki with her wedding invitations. She's getting married in 3 weeks and doesn't have her invites sorted out. She did however get a dress yesterday. A gorgeous dress. By the time mum and dad got back from the funeral they went to it was after noon and Beki's stuff hadn't turned up for the invite making so we decided to go make something of the day.
We intended to go do The Blue Door Walk in Edzell but I wasn't sure how my back would hold up so we just headed out that way and found ourselves at The House of Dun.

The Georgian house was designed by William Adam and completed in 1730 for David Erskine, the 13th Laird of Dun. (I plagerised that.)

The Garden's were in full bloom.

We didn't want to pay for a tour so Dad took a tour of the inside from the outside...

Cameron spent a lot of his time running through tiny hedges. They also have some really old, super tall trees there... When I stood up after this picture my belt caught the tree bark and pulled it off into my trousers. Since then I've been called "Barky Bum/Pants"...

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Tamara said...

More spectacular pictures! I'm so glad I can follow your trip via your blog.