Monday, July 9, 2007

See how unphotogenic we are.

The last time we were in Scotland we were getting married - almost 3 and a half years ago. In 2 weeks we'll be back in Scotland. Sometime's it seems like we've married forever and other time's it hardly seems like long at all.

We're very compatible. He's a stress-head and I'm usually chillaxed, more than a normal person. He likes to make me laugh and I like to laugh at him. He knows a ton of useful information and I know a ton of useless information. I can give directions and he can't. He likes to eat and I like to cook. Neither of us are very good at getting our pictures taken... We're perfect for eachother!


Tamara said...

Aaaw! You're wedding pictures are so neat! I will miss you both when you leave for Scotland. Actually, I miss you already, cuz I never see you anymore. But, I am very excited that you get to go home. :-)

Sherpa said...

Wow, I first "met" you when you were a newlywed. How time flies by!