Monday, July 2, 2007

Weekend, why doest thou end?

I had a grand weekend! Firstly, Stuart finished work early on Friday and had Saturday and Sunday off.

Then on Saturday morning Stuart and I got set to take Molly (dog) on a walk because I need to walk a little more because of my wonky pelvis and because it was a lovely day and we needed to take our pay cheques to the bank. Stuart got the snacks and the dog ready and I got the cheques and all my supplies into my bag. Off we went with the dog down to Albertson's. We got in and I pull out "the cheques" from my bag. I put something else in my bag thinking it was the cheques so we failed that part of the plan.

Then we went down to where some boats are harboured where we saw a man being arrested. I was fascinated and took a picture. Is that illegal?

The walk was so nice. It made me think of my dad. He loves boats.

Then when I got home Danielle and I played "Mall Madness".
The boys must have heard the madness and got jealous because they wanted to play too.

Theeeen, Danielle wanted to go to some Gar(b)age Sales with me. I think there are a few things you have to have in your sale to be able to call it a garage sale ie. strange framed pictures, old VHS', one of those big toy car things that toddlers use. Needless to say we didn't come across anything that tickled our fancy.

I needed to pick up a few things from CraftMart for the gift I'm making for Stuart's birthday. I also took our cheques to the bank on that venture. We then came home and the boy's packed up their computer's to head to Scotty's for a LAN party. Danielle and I took that as our opportunity to go out to dinner.
We went to Kafe Neo. We had a gyro, italian soda and greek fries.
I look very cheeky in that picture. I think Danielle was saying "Cheeeeeese!"
Then we went home and scrapbooked until the men-folk came home.

Sunday: For the past 5 or so Sunday's we haven't stayed at church because the pews are horribly uncomfy for my back but this week Stuart had hayfever so we had to come home. I'm not sure I'd have been able to sit that long but I'll blame Stuart for this one. Sinner. Aaaanyway, we came home and he made Sour Cream Enchilada's. The day got progressively worse, I shan't go into detail but it was a horrible day until "The Slumber Party!" I can score that off my summer list. Stuart, Danielle and I all snuggled up in bed together with Molly, the dog to watch The Emporer's New Groove.

Today I went to the Chiropracter and became curious of a tool on his desk that I'd never noticed before. Let's just say I don't have neurological pains going on, we always knew that but it became more clear to me after the demonstration of the "pastry cutter". Anyway, some more good news is that I go back to work on Thursday. I spoke to the woman incharge at Jansport and she said she'd get back to me if they can't find something for me to do with my work restrictions. So until then I'm getting ready to go back to work... Wooo!


Laurie said...

You and your husband are a gorgeous couple.

Katz said...

your life seems so exciting! i miss mall madness. was mine the only retarded one that said there was a sale at the chichen store?