Monday, August 6, 2007

Border Hoppin'... Adventure in England.

On Friday we got up very early and headed out to Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

I once stayed in Berwick for a week with my aunt and uncle a long time ago.
We wandered through town and found some native American's. Fancy that!
On the way out we found a special photo opportunity. I really wanted to be the fish but couldn't bend down because of my painful back.
Then we went for our picnic, walk and ice-cream...
We walked around the old Roman Fort for agessssss!
Ice-cream time!

Stuart and I went on the walk on our own. When we were gone my dad lay out on the grass by the car. 2 Boys passed him and thought he was dead. They came over to make sure he wasn't. how kind.

We then went to Alnick. Alnick castle is where the Quiddich games in Harry Potter were filmed.


Krispy said...

I've just been catching up on your blog. I love the pics, but my favorite thing about "over there" is the names of places. I don't know why, but Forfar is just the cutest name for a town. I can hear it Utah-speak: "you live all the way in Provo? For FAR!"

Joycelyn said...

My sister would die and go to heaven if she could go to that castle where they filmed Harry Potter. She is about the biggest HP fan there is.

Anonymous said...

Native Americans in Scotland? Sweet. It's August, and you guys are wearing sweaters. It's hot and sticky in MD. Ew.

Tucker Family said...

I am so glad you are having such a great time.

Crazy Walker said...

That looks like a fantastic jaunt to Angelond! What in the world are those things you and Stewart are standing next to? Are they hay feeders for extremely tall cows? Or Giraffes perhaps? I didn't know there were giraffes in Angelond...or maybe they are for the heads of a certain English King's Wives? Or watch towers? oh, the possibilities are endless.

And what's with the NA in Angelond?!?! Didn't they know that the British screwed the Americans, and that's why we screwed them?

nava_jo said...

OH wow I love looking at your pictures. Please keep blogging your adventures it makes me all excited to travel "SOMEDAY"