Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Last Supper.

Tonight mum made Steak pie. Scott, his wife Vicky, Andrew, Beki and Cameron came over to partake... Mum also brought home a GIGANTIC strawberry tart. Dad gave a speech - the one he should have given at Stuart's and my reception... It was great.

As everyone started leaving it was time to get some pictures.

At Beki's wedding lots of lovely pictures were taken - none of which have Andrew in them because his face had a life of it's own apparently... Anyway, there we are pretending to be Andrew...

Scott, Beki, Me and Andrew

And off they went...
When I get back to Rexburg I'll continue with my family member blog dedications.

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Carlydear12 said...

It looks like everything is beautiful! I'm glad you got to go home and see everyone. Sad I didn't actually call you and hang out this summer. I was working full time at a kitchen store. Only slightly better than Jansport.