Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Project.

Today I started extraction work. Our ward has a goal of a lot of names to be extracted before the Rexburg Temple opens. I can't remember the number but I remember thinking, "that's a lot" when I heard it. It was quite challenging to start with but I think I've got the hang of it now. It's going to keep my busy and distracted and I'll be blessed too. It's win-win really.

I think I've finally got our home in order since coming back. It's taken a while for me to get into my routine and then last week I just couldn't be bothered apart from when I freaked out and bleached the bathroom. Other than that I've been slow on getting the place back to how it's meant to be. It feels good to be on top of it again and Stuart is really helping me with the things that strain my back - almost everything ie. emptying/filling the bottom of the dishwasher, pulling laundry out the hamper/washing machine/drier, fluffing the lovesac, picking things off the floor, sweeping crumbs off the floor, getting water out the dispenser in the fridge... I find all of those very challenging but Stuart's been a gem. And my back is feeling better. When I stretch in the morning sometimes there'll be a click in the bottom of my back but it isn't something clicking out... (Bill, if you read this - should I not stretch or is it ok?)

Hopefully this post lets you all know that I do feel better this week. Thank you all for the messages and prayers and love and brownies

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hardest week ever...

This week has been tough. It's been physically and mentally exhausting. Terribly challenging. Spiritually though I'm doing surprisingly well. I'm getting the distinct feeling that I need to learn to be more patient. Whilst I thought I didn't have a problem with that it has been mentioned a few times through a blessing, discussion with my mum, email from Beki and Bishop mentioned it to me today indirectly but from the pulpit... Yup.

Stuart jokes that I've either been really good or really bad to have been dealt the challenges I've faced this past week. It's been hard but I've learned to rely on other people better. I've got an independance 'problem' that Stuart pointed out to me today - probably goes hand in hand with ye olde patience... I must admit though that it has been so nice to spill my feelings and to be embraced and loved instead of not being taken seriously or ignored. I really appreciate people. The reason I don't like to involve people with my plans is because people disappoint me. I hate being late so I make a point of sitting in the car waiting for 10 minutes before we leave - I also hate being blamed for things not my fault so I do my duties 110% and I often do other people's so that I can trick myself into thinking that they are responsible. I need to learn to accept people as complete beings instead of a person missing a part because they don't return a phone call or keep a commitment or whatever... Dang. I have a lot to work on. Maybe I was being punished this week... Pah! I don't even know where that last rant came from. This week I've had to share feelings I didn't want to. I'm a bottler who prefers bottling up feelings and problems so I don't bother other people by adding my burdens to their more important ones... I have to share my feelings more, so there you go...

Anyway, when I wake up tomorrow it's going to be a new week and I just pray we don't get another one like this one just past. I need to take care of myself better and I need to let Stuart take care of me more.

I'm so grateful for unconditional love. I am grateful for where I am in life and I am happy - I know you need to hear that, mum. Stuart loves me and is taking care of me. I also have a Bishop who's felt my pain...

I do see a faint silver lining right now but need some time to focus on it.

I hope I can continue to trick myself into feeling like this this next week... just kidding but I do have to kind of convince myself I'll be ok but I've been told to take as much time as I need and I really will be ok again... I'm going to do it.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Beki!

As a tribute to you I decided to vandelise more pictures of you but this time is much better!
I know you'll love it and possibly pee your pants with laughter - again!
You always say you look like Angelina Jolie... I suppose you kind of do.
The faces of Scotland 133 and Angelina Jolie combined together -

Beki Depp -
Scotland 133 and Johnny Depp Faces Combined Together -

I hope Gollum isn't the father of your twins because this is what they'll look like... nightmarish-
Scotland 133's Face Combined with Gollum -
A Bekmaron -
Cameron's Face Combined with Beki -

Happy birthday, little sister. I love you.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Survival Kit.

You said you wanted to see other people's kits so I researched a bit to find ideas for you.

Love you,

10' of wire/medium guitar string,
The 10' of wire has many uses, like antenna replacement, snares, attachment of expedient tools to shafts and handles, and general construction.
Razor blade or 2 razor sharp arrow heads,
Small leatherman style multi tool/ swiss army knife,
3 sq. ft. of heavy duty aluminum foil,
The heavy duty foil serves best as a pot to boil water for purification, lasting for 5-7 cycles. It can be used as a signal, light reflector, baking pan, solar still, or bits of it left as a trail marker.
10 waterproof matches,
8 water purification tablets (16.7% Tetraglycine Hydroperiodine),
Wire Saw with 2 finger rings,
3" strip of 180 grit & 320 grit emery paper,
The emery paper removes rust and corrosion, polishes, and sharpens; also used as a striking surface for the matches.
5 assorted safety pins,
5" long shrink wrap tube,
The shrink wrap tube can be used as an insulator, and when heated, shrinks to join items together. It is used as a straw to suck water from a seep or from below a surface.
The condom is capable of holding 2 gallons of water, elastic bandage, slingshot rubber, or trigger spring for a small animal trap.
Fishing kit,
The fishing kit, besides the obvious, provides line for surgical stitches, bird snares, and squirrel poles.
Sewing kit,
The sewing kit provides 25' of white thread, (white is strongest), sterile needles for surgical probes, fish gorges, etc. The needles are magnetized, so they can be used as a compass when suspended from a thread tied in the middle of the needle.
The sponge is disinfected, rinsed, and compressed under a weight to dry, reducing it's size. Used to absorb dew from vegetation, fish bait, etc., sponges were also popular with the Roman Legion think toilet paper.
3' electrical black tape,
The electrical tape is used to seal and water proof the container, and quite useful generally.
Cotton lint 2 1/2" wide heavy rubber bands,
The rubber bands help hold the lid on, and keep the kit from easily falling out of shirt pockets. They provide triggers for snares, elastic for bandages, rubbers for slingshots, etc.
Sanitary towels/tampons,
Absorbant and stop contents of kit ratteling.
Keep you dry but also can be used as a shade.
Moisturiser for anywhere and can be used to close wounds.
If you don't have a tent, or setting up a tent is not practical or ideal to your situation (such as being hunted), may I recommend this handy and comfortable alternative. Again, quality is very important here. Try to get the kind that paratroopers jump with, as they have clasps to keep you from falling out. Climb a tree, up above the branches, string up your hammock, sleep. Since it's died black, it will provide at least some natural camo against the crisscrossing leaves, and most people never look up. Evasive comfy sleep tactics aside, the netting itself is EXTREMELY useful as anything from a net-trap to a work-wall to hang your tools and utensils from to a clothesline.
HIGH Quality Claw Hammer,
I recommend this in lieu of a hatchet/hammer. Preferably buy one that is balanced, and solidly made of titanium alloy, as it will be your favorite and most-oft used tool forevermore. The hammer head can be used for, of course, hammering things, tooling metal, smithing, but also the solid weight of something designed as a hammer can be used to split stone and chop wood (just make a wedge out of split stone). As far as the claw goes...my god...infinite uses. From digging, to prying, to climbing, to using it as a gaff hook to lift hot objects or drag/carry heavy ones. Additionally, it can be used as a rather effective hand-to-hand weapon against damn near anything, and even throws pretty well.
SEAL YOUR KIT- Place piece of masking tape or other sealing device to bring to your attention if items may have been removed. Also be able to clip note to it if you think of additional item, or need to replace an item
Keep it all in a shiny tin that can be used as as signal mirror, dish, cup or cutting board.

Or if all else fails...

The tent survival kit.

Three Cheers for the Birthday Man!

Happy Birthday Dad!

I think my dad and I have a special relationship. It might even be believed that I am a daddy's girl however I am also a mummy's girl and a Stuart's girl and a Beki's girl... I am still very much a daddy's girl along with being everyone elses-girl.

My dad has a strong personality that people don't often understand or even like but no-one knows him like his family and even then I'm not sure all of us really know him.

From what I've learned about him over the past 22 years is that he's the kindest man I know. He's also the most intimidating and quite impatient but he's always willing to be called on/taken advantage of by his family. I'm amazed at how he'll jump at the drop of a selfish hat to help people who have gotten themselves into a pickle. He say's he's do it for any of his children and it's true. He is compassionate.

Since Beki got pregnant back in 2002 dad has really changed. I remember when Beki came home with mum to tell us she was pregnant and how dad's reaction was that of a completely different person. I'm thinking of the kind of Saul - Paul change. He didn't shout or threaten to kill anyone. He cried. In contrast to that I remember when 'someone' moved a credit card bill that was really important because Dad had got the credit card and gave it to a family member to use as she liked as long as she paid the bill (?) Foolish, probably. Dad's way of showing trust and love to an individual, definatley. Anyway, the bill had been moved and no-one would admit to moving because dad had turned into a raging beast. Beki, who is dad's bull-headed, impatient twin sat in the same room as him whilst everyone else left to hide and cry with fear. Dad was tearing the place apart and Beki was playing on the computer and winding him up even more... I think the point of that example was to show how in a situation where he didn't have to get that mad he did, a lot. In the situation where he could have killed a teenaged boy, he didnt... and Beki and my dad are very similar.

Dad loves the outdoors. As a family we'd often go out on a drive just where ever we felt like going. Dad can spot wildlife whilst he's driving really fast. That's a talent. I have a ton of memories of going out on drives, camping, hiking, fishing, walking, picnics, fire building competitions... and I hope that when I have kids I can give them the same kind of experiences of being outside as my dad gave me, except without being tricked into walking miles in the rain...

He's a great story teller and he knows absolutely everything - atleast he has some kind if answer for any question you can ask. He loves to learn and then pass on the knowledge in a hands-on way to us. We know a lot of strange things because of him ie. how to drink water if your in the sea with a funnel. Stuart loves to learn too. I love that. Dad took Beki and Andrew on a survival weekend recently where they built their shelters and drank pine needle tea. Beki carved spoons out of wood and they did a lot of snuggling to keep warm. I'm somewhat jealous that I missed out. I would have kept you warmer than Beki did, dad.

He's also very cheeky. When we were home this summer we were talking about survival, something that reeeeally interests him and in turn interests everyone else around him. The main topic of discussion was 72 hour kits and things to put in them. I mentioned a condom because you can carry a lot of water in a condom. You can stretch it so much with water that a person can jump in it like it. My dad said he didn't believe that because he'd tried to catch me in one and it didn't work. Ha! Cheek!
I let him know that one of the things I hate about being so far from home is that I probably won't get to say 'bye' when he kicks the bucket. I should know better than that because I believe in eternity but I think it's natural to want that. Anyway, he assures me that he'll come visit me when he dies as soon as he gets the chance. This should be a comforting thing but I know better. I'm ready to jump out my skin for the sake of his visit.

Something else I love about him is how he's always willing to give me a cuddle and a kiss. Dad is a comfort. He's the perfect shape to curl up next to and be cosy with. He gives great hugs and can make me fall asleep just by patting my back for 5 minutes.

Another tradition I want to carry on with my family is that of having father's blessings on the first day of school. I love the feel of his toasty hands on my head and hearing the special blessings he'd give us. That shows true love right there.

I never really thought dad noticed my struggles much when I was growing up until he gave his belated wedding speech at the dinner table the night before we flew back. Some of the things he brought up I didn't know he'd actually noticed. I guess my trip home was needed more than I thought.

I love you, Dad. Happy birthday!

P.S Your white yacht might have gotten lost in post. Sorry.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eight Things About Your Marriage: Stuart and Laura

Where did you meet your husband?

Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Arrival's suite. Midnight. April 22nd 2003.
What was the first thing you said to your husband?
I found Stuart's hotmail profile randomly one day. Yes, the internet brought us together but that doesn't mean I'm antisocial, ok?!... It was a rainy Saturday, September 25th-ish 2002. Beki just found out she was 3 months pregnant and I needed someone to talk to who wasn't involved to distract me... I think I searched "LDS" or "Mormon" in the hotmail search thingy... I emailed him and got an abruptly brief reply from him a few days later. He thought I was someone else he knew from church... All my email said was "Do you know where you're going on your mission yet?" because his profile said something about preparing...

Where was the first kiss? First date?
Our first kiss was the night I flew in. Outside the cereal cupboard in his house.

Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?
We were engaged officially for 4 months.

Where did you get engaged?
On my 19th birthday Stuart was planning on asking my dad's permission and then proposing but my dad intercepted and put him on the spot during my birthday dinner (spam and sweetcorn pie, thank you very much) and demanded Stuart ask his question so we could all enjoy our dinner. Stuart was making everyone feel awkward. His reply to my dad was "I want to marry Laura!" It all came out as one word and Stuart looked like he was going to choke on his tongue. Everyone laughed at him.
After dinner we were sent to get a carton of milk from the supermarket. On our way we walked through a pitch-black, super dark park. I asked Stuart for the ring and he refused to give it to me. He wanted to propose but his plans were foiled. He even tried to tell me he didn't have the ring with him but I knew it was in his left pocket because he kept fiddling with it... Anyway, I had him in a headlock and was shouting something like "Give me the riiiiiiing!" Whilst his head was in my oxter he was trying to ask "Will you spend eternity with me?"... In the end I got the ring and he was allowed to catch his breath.

Where did you get married?
We were married in Montrose, Scotland til death do us part and then sealed the same night in the Preston, England temple for time and all eternity.

How did the reception go?
Because we had to be sealed on the same day we were married and had to drive 6 hours to the temple we were pretty tired when we got back the following evening. M yoldest brother, Scott did the music and refuses to this day to do another reception because of how bad ours was.

We did have another reception when we got back to America. It was quite fancy compared to the Scottish one.
How was the honeymoon?
We didn't have one.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We're back home in the 'burg. It's nice to be able to walk about in my skivvies or invite people over whenever and to cook meals, that's something I missed more than I realised.

Yesterday I used my Caca Brun henna brick from Lush to dye my hair. I had Stuart put it in my hair and I left it for 6 hours. The shower was a terrible mess when it came time to clean it out. That was a task itself but worth it. My hair isn't much different - it's a richer colour and super shiny and conditioned because of all the cocoa butter and stuff in the henna...

- mousy, dirty blonde, boring hair...
After - Rich, reddish, shiny, yummy hair!

I thought it was a good idea to try take the same picture again to make it easier to compare but I don't see much difference colour-wise in any of the pictures... hmmmm...

Uuuh... hm. Well. Thanks for reading... ?

Friday, September 7, 2007

I'll answer some questions here because I don't know the proper blogger etiquette for answering questions asked in my comments... anyone got any ideas?

bestsariah said...
I love the third one! How did you do that?

- I used Nero photo editor and there's an option to age a picture. You can add the lines and tint to change it however you like...

Nava_Jo said...
WHere is that TREE HUT and the PLANTS I want to go there!

- The webpage for the tree house place is here: http://www.itsaburl.com and the plants are here: http://www.planetoregon.com/darlingtonia.html

Joycelyn said...
Your DH likes to lick you, doesn't he? Especially for picture taking, right? :-) Too cute. And I, too, want to know where the treehouse is!

- Yes, he does like to like my face.

Monday, September 3, 2007


I found a way to edit pictures. I love it and am possibly addicted... I like faded pictures that look glowy for some reason. A good memory is always seen in sepia or super light and glowy with certain colours highlighted in my head...

One time my mum took pictures of Beki and I when we still lived in Irvine (West coast of Scotland) and she misplaced the camera or we moved house or something but she found the camera years later with a film in it and took it to be developed. We moved to the East coast when I was 9 and I was about 18 when she found the camera... The pictures that came out of it were the ones of Beki and me probably about 10 years before playing in our back garden in Irvine. The photographs came out with an orangey tint to them like it had been taken straight out of my brain from my memories.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Lauregon! Part 2.

The next part of the adventure takes us to the Oregon Coast through the California Redwoods...
The first stop we made was at a place called Burlesque... A place where wood is turned into something even more amazing than a tree! I kid you not.

They have giant tree houses that make someone petrified of heights so excited that they go up to the top!...

Then we stopped to see some Carniverous plants. Eep!
Then we went further south to California to see some Redwoods. Redwoods are stinkin HUGE trees!
From there we went to the seaside. My favorite! I really think we'll end up living in Oregon partly because of the seaside.
It was a great week. I got to see real live hummingbirds for the first time and went to California for the first time, ate Lebanese food for the first... It was great!

Lauregon! Part 1.

Alrighty, so here I am; back in America. Overall the trip home was fantastic. It was well needed. We got back in to Seattle last Wednesday and were met by Stuart's dad who took us (me) to Lush. My most favoritest, guilty pleasure. Lush started off in the UK and was a 'habit' for me for a long time and then I came here and there was only one store in the whole USA. Now the place is dotted with them - YAY! We bought a lot of yummy massage bars and body butters and solid shampoo's...
Then we went to Chang's Mongolian Grill where I thought I was going to puke from being on the move for so long. I sat in the carpark by myself whilst everyone had dinner.
Thursday was a case of unpack and repack. We left for Oregon on Friday - a trip I'd been looking forward to for a long time. In the 3 1/2 years I've been here I'd never been to Stuart's grandparent's house in Oregon. We spent 4 days with them and had a lot of fun.
It was a long drive. My MP3 Player battery lasts longer than I thought it would. I really love roadtrips and the stupid pictures that come from them.
The weather was super nice and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting out on the patio when I could.
On the Monday we went on a trip up to Crater Lake making stops at a few points along the way.
Rogue River Gorge was one of them...
Home of "The Living Stump"...
Then we went to see a Natural Bridge. The picture of a natural bridge was much different and impressive in my head than it was in real life but it was a happy sunny day so I'm not complaining. From there we went to Crater Lake which is amazing. There's a helicopter somewhere in the middle of it.

There you have Part one of the Lauregon adventure...