Friday, September 14, 2007

Survival Kit.

You said you wanted to see other people's kits so I researched a bit to find ideas for you.

Love you,

10' of wire/medium guitar string,
The 10' of wire has many uses, like antenna replacement, snares, attachment of expedient tools to shafts and handles, and general construction.
Razor blade or 2 razor sharp arrow heads,
Small leatherman style multi tool/ swiss army knife,
3 sq. ft. of heavy duty aluminum foil,
The heavy duty foil serves best as a pot to boil water for purification, lasting for 5-7 cycles. It can be used as a signal, light reflector, baking pan, solar still, or bits of it left as a trail marker.
10 waterproof matches,
8 water purification tablets (16.7% Tetraglycine Hydroperiodine),
Wire Saw with 2 finger rings,
3" strip of 180 grit & 320 grit emery paper,
The emery paper removes rust and corrosion, polishes, and sharpens; also used as a striking surface for the matches.
5 assorted safety pins,
5" long shrink wrap tube,
The shrink wrap tube can be used as an insulator, and when heated, shrinks to join items together. It is used as a straw to suck water from a seep or from below a surface.
The condom is capable of holding 2 gallons of water, elastic bandage, slingshot rubber, or trigger spring for a small animal trap.
Fishing kit,
The fishing kit, besides the obvious, provides line for surgical stitches, bird snares, and squirrel poles.
Sewing kit,
The sewing kit provides 25' of white thread, (white is strongest), sterile needles for surgical probes, fish gorges, etc. The needles are magnetized, so they can be used as a compass when suspended from a thread tied in the middle of the needle.
The sponge is disinfected, rinsed, and compressed under a weight to dry, reducing it's size. Used to absorb dew from vegetation, fish bait, etc., sponges were also popular with the Roman Legion think toilet paper.
3' electrical black tape,
The electrical tape is used to seal and water proof the container, and quite useful generally.
Cotton lint 2 1/2" wide heavy rubber bands,
The rubber bands help hold the lid on, and keep the kit from easily falling out of shirt pockets. They provide triggers for snares, elastic for bandages, rubbers for slingshots, etc.
Sanitary towels/tampons,
Absorbant and stop contents of kit ratteling.
Keep you dry but also can be used as a shade.
Moisturiser for anywhere and can be used to close wounds.
If you don't have a tent, or setting up a tent is not practical or ideal to your situation (such as being hunted), may I recommend this handy and comfortable alternative. Again, quality is very important here. Try to get the kind that paratroopers jump with, as they have clasps to keep you from falling out. Climb a tree, up above the branches, string up your hammock, sleep. Since it's died black, it will provide at least some natural camo against the crisscrossing leaves, and most people never look up. Evasive comfy sleep tactics aside, the netting itself is EXTREMELY useful as anything from a net-trap to a work-wall to hang your tools and utensils from to a clothesline.
HIGH Quality Claw Hammer,
I recommend this in lieu of a hatchet/hammer. Preferably buy one that is balanced, and solidly made of titanium alloy, as it will be your favorite and most-oft used tool forevermore. The hammer head can be used for, of course, hammering things, tooling metal, smithing, but also the solid weight of something designed as a hammer can be used to split stone and chop wood (just make a wedge out of split stone). As far as the claw god...infinite uses. From digging, to prying, to climbing, to using it as a gaff hook to lift hot objects or drag/carry heavy ones. Additionally, it can be used as a rather effective hand-to-hand weapon against damn near anything, and even throws pretty well.
SEAL YOUR KIT- Place piece of masking tape or other sealing device to bring to your attention if items may have been removed. Also be able to clip note to it if you think of additional item, or need to replace an item
Keep it all in a shiny tin that can be used as as signal mirror, dish, cup or cutting board.

Or if all else fails...

The tent survival kit.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAA I think the tent survival kit is brilliant. I wonder if they will let me craft one and wear it in Ogden?


CTR2002 said...

That is funny... Nevermind Ogden! How about CanadA? lol