Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Letterboxing, our new favorite thing!

So, yesterday I went with Megan Riley to her Mary Kay team meeting where one of her group members earned her first Mary Kay car. The night was pretty fun and very cheesy. Megan had to make up a couple of little skits to advertise their new perfume and cologne. She did excellently.
When we got home we sat out in her car chit-chatting for a long time. When we were deciding what we could do together next the topic of Letterboxing came up. I'd read about it on my older sister, Emma's blog.
I checked out the site and found a few letterboxes in Rexburg! So today Megan, Liam and I went out equipped with our pad that Megan made, a pen, an inkpad and our stamp along with the clues and directions to find the boxes.

So the idea is that you find the hidden box and inside there's a notepad and a rubber stamp. You stamp your stamp in their notepad and stamps theirs in yours and rehide it in the same spot so other people can find it. People leave little messages in the pad and stuff. It's really pretty fun to see other people's stamps and comments and to see where they came from.

We took a while finding the first box because one of the signs didn't match the directions we were given (and because I sucked at navigating) so we went round and round for a while. Then I handed the instructions to Megan who worked them out right away. We found our first one -a koala bear -and from that point we used the next set of directions to the most challenging box. I was pretty sure I was going to get hurt on that one and suspecting Liam might lose an eye but we survived and found it - an elephant. At one point Megan said "It probably wouldn't be fun to fall down there." I agree. If Stuart had been with us he would probably have freaked out.Then we had one more to find from that point. It was an easier one - a zebra.

We refrained from killing or harassing any wildlife. Don't worry.

There was one more box after that which is very close to where we live. I won't tell you where just incase you want to cheat... inside was a Tiger!I'm sure the picture's a give away, oh well.
It was such a fun day. We got our for a few hours and it's sunny!
Next time I think we should dress up as Pirate's. It was a pretty fun treasure hunt!

Letterboxing, our new favorite thing!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Crafty McCrafty...

I've been experimenting a lot recently. I'm really enjoying making little books, it's possibly become an addiction. This little Matchbook one is for Beki or my mum. It's got the grandkids initials on the back - CWD - and is extra long for more pictures.
This one is the first of it's kind that I've made. I started it life as a Beatrix Potter cardboard 'chew book'. Jeremy Fisher I think. It isn't done yet but I like the way it's heading.

"They're soft!"

- Cameron's first impression of his baby sister's.

Last week was a really great week and also strange. I was busy all week which isn't something I'm used to. If I'm busy it's usually because I'm doing something I've decided to do not because a million things have come up all at once. So, it was strange to be doing all those things but also good. It was great to be getting out of the house.
Stuart was sick all last week and missed a bit of school. Now I'm sick. If it takes me as long to get over it as it took Stuart then I'm scunnered. I don't want to miss Halloween!
Last week we got a gift card from Stuart's granny. We bought some Halloween sweets! Yes! I also got a few more craft things.
On Friday Stuart was helping his friend make ammo for their Nerf War so I was alone most of the day. Then on Saturday was the Nerf War. It was an Elders Quorum activity so there were a lot of people playing. Stuart will blog about it later. I got some video of it. Whilst the men-folk were out shooting eachother I had some friends over to hang out. It was a good day.
Stuart got home after a few hours of playing and decided to take me out for lunch.
It was a good day. I love spending time with Stuart.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shannon said...

Shannon said...
I've been so busy that I haven't gotten to read blogs and I just knew I might have missed this news! Yay for the new girls! They are cute. Thank you for also answering a question I've always wondered. My mom is a twin and I've always questioned whether there is a chance people may not really know which one is which after just having them. If I had twins I'd probably get them mixed up for at least a year.
October 28, 2007 6:57 AM

In this case Daisy actually does have 11 toes so it makes it easier to keep track of which is which. Also, Daisy has dark hair and Willow has light hair.
A doctor told Beki that her twins were conceived from 2 different eggs, 2 different sperm AND 4 days apart so chances are they won't look like twins at all... Also, along with that equation they were conceived from doing "it" once. Sperm live for a few days afterall... Isn't that strange?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Introducing Daisy and Willow...

I just got these pictures from my dad...

Willow is in the white hat and Daisy is in the peachy one.
ETA: We're not sure which one is which anymore. Dad first told me that Willow has the white hat and then he read what I wrote here and told me I had it wrong... Too bad one of them doesn't have 11 toes...

So, there you have it. I'm told that Beki's been able to feed them both on her own and that they're all doing well. Dave and Cameron have been described as being "like a dog with two tails." In other words, they're very happy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Beki and Dave are now the proud parent's of the hilarious Cameron and *drumroll*.... babies Daisy and Willow!

They made their appearance at around 7am GMT this morning - October 24th. I couldn't quite keep track of which was which but one weighed in at just under 4lbs and the other was 4 1/2lbs. She didn't have an epidural or a c-section! The second one born was breech.

Everyone's doing fine and are in good spirits. Cameron was the one to tell me the news and that if I just go to the bank they'll give me some money so I can catch a plane so we can go see them. He's very happy having 2 baby sister's.

These are the first October birthday's in our family too!

January - Caitlin
February - Wendy
April - Andrew and Cameron
July - Stuart
August - Emma and Dave
September - Beki and Dad
October - Daisy and Willow
November - Mum and me
December - Scott

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday, Funday, Schoolday, Wednesday...

Yesterday I made out paper chain countdown to Christmas. Inside each link there's a little challenge written just to make it a bit more fun.
We've hung it up on our curtain rod... Poor Stuart. He was feeling poorly in this picture.

We also made our Halloween Pizza lastnight. I think it did cheer Stuart up. Look how happy his face is!As I was waiting for the pizza to bake I noticed the sun setting and outside looked perfect!We really need a new camera. I'm sure you can see the shadowy line almost in the centre of the picture. Too bad but it was nice and goldeny outside.Just to the left is where the Rexburg Temple is. I couldn't quite get it in from our landing so I took a couple of pictures on our way home today.Today I went with Danielle to be her model. She's taking Theatre Make-up and needed my face. The idea is that one half of my face is done to look middle-aged and the other half is... well... you be the judge. My face was covered in stinky latex and painted up. On one side the latex was layered with tissue so it was super thick. It made it hard to open my eye properly. I felt a little like Columbo. We took a bunch of pictures and couldn't stop laughing the whole time! We were last to leave the classroom...The really funny part was trying to take it all off. I then felt like Rumplestiltskin tearing off my face because someone guessed my name right.Here's my America's Next Top Model cover girl commercial pose...
Oh my! What a fun day. Atleast for today I don't think I'm that ugly. Hopefully when I model again for Danielle on Thursday I'll be cured of my negativity towards my face! And I'm glad I didn't have an allergic reaction to the latex like that one boy...

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Spine and Book Spines...

Today I woke up with a really sore back. It hasn't hurt this bad since before we went to Scotland. It hurts to straighten my spine and sitting is not comfortable. I'm a little scared that things aren't getting better. Yesterday I even thought, "My back hasn't hurt in quite a while, how exciting!" Yesterday was quite a long day. Maybe sitting for the 3 hours of church with tiny breaks between isn't something I'm ready for. I think this week was the first in a while I sat for that long in a while with Stuart feeling sick and coming home after Sacrament last week and then the week before that was Conference... Ugh. Ouch. I might have pushed myself a little far last week. I need to be careful. Stuart's been good at helping me with the things that hurt but sometimes he isn't here and I hate having a messy house so I'll take care of it myself ie. emptying/filling the dishwasher really kills me, reaching into the laundry hamper/washer/drier to get clothes hurts, I can sweep up the crumps from the floor but can't sweep them into the dust pan... I'm useless.
Stuart woke up feeling a little under the weather today and didn't even go to school. I don't know what's going on with him. I've tried getting him to skip school to spend a day with me before and he never has so this isn't ordinary Stuart behaviour. Hopefully the Homemade Halloween Pizza we're making tonight will cheer him up!
We're definatley staying here for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. It's time to behave like adults. We can't afford it so we're staying here and we're actually happy and excited about it. We can't break our budget just to have fun and if we're being urged to be independant and not ask for money for things we can do without for a while then we're going to adopt the same idea to this. Our spending habits have been questioned before so we're looking at the holiday season as a test.
The first time we stayed here for Christmas was kind of sad because Beki and Cameron had left just a few days before and Christmas was on a Sunday so we didn't really know what we were allowed to do and still keep the day holy. This year we're going to make a list of things to do so we don't get bored...
Anyway, here's what I've been making recently: Matchbook photo books, halloween cards and Christmas cards...