Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Beki and Dave are now the proud parent's of the hilarious Cameron and *drumroll*.... babies Daisy and Willow!

They made their appearance at around 7am GMT this morning - October 24th. I couldn't quite keep track of which was which but one weighed in at just under 4lbs and the other was 4 1/2lbs. She didn't have an epidural or a c-section! The second one born was breech.

Everyone's doing fine and are in good spirits. Cameron was the one to tell me the news and that if I just go to the bank they'll give me some money so I can catch a plane so we can go see them. He's very happy having 2 baby sister's.

These are the first October birthday's in our family too!

January - Caitlin
February - Wendy
April - Andrew and Cameron
July - Stuart
August - Emma and Dave
September - Beki and Dad
October - Daisy and Willow
November - Mum and me
December - Scott


Crazy Walker said...

How fun! Congrats Beki! That is seriously csection or drugs. Whoa. I am so impressed!

Laura said...

Yay for new babies. I too am impressed with the no drugs!! Way to go Beki!!

Daniello Dello said...


Sara said...

Yay for babies!

Katz said...

yippee for babies!

Krispy said...

Hm. Emma and I were even born the same month. This just keeps getting weirder.

ShaBANG said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Daisy and Willow!

And upcoming Birthday Aunty and Grandma :)