Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy October!

October is my absolute favorite month. I love Autumn and I love Halloween. It's also almost my birthday, Thanksgiving AND Christmas AND Hogmanay! This is a great time of year for crafts too - another of my favorite things.
Stuart's started asking me what I want for my birthday and I don't really know. The older I get the harder it is to think of things I really want. I'm not an asker even if there was something I wanted.
One of my favorite Christmas memories is the year I wrote out the list of things Beki wanted and my mum found it and bought everything thinking I wanted it because it was in my handwriting. She was so pleased with herself and kept saying "I've got you everything you want this year!" "I'm so excited because you'll have everything you want!" I opened every single gift Beki had wanted whilst she watched in horror. I ended up with very little that year and Beki ended up with double - triple if you count the things mum rushed out to buy to make it up to her. That there is a hilarious memory... although Beki once again was spoiled... and I had nothing... uh... hm... not so hilarious when you think about it too hard. Anyway! Those memories make me happy! I prefer roadtrips to presents.

I would like to get back into doing crafts. I have a lot of pictures to scrap and frame. I also want to focus on book binding and book making. Hmmm... Goals, goals, goals.

This would be perfect:
It has a bone folder and a kajillion other little bits and bobs for every single craft project I could ever have.


Daniello Dello said...

i'll come over and we'll do lots of crafts!!

Shelly said...

When's your berfday? Mine's in November and its always around Thanksgiving. Another reason to LOVE fall!

Laura said...

My birthday is November 19th, very close to Thanksgiving.