Saturday, October 20, 2007

Henna and Happiness.

Just to start out - for those of you who we keep in touch with through cellular phone usage take note. Stuart's dad has requested we give back our cell phone so another sibling can use it. They can only have 5 phones on the family plan so we won't have one. We don't have long distance calling abilities on our apartment phone so don't forget to check your email and reply to us if you find us there. This will be happening at Christmas-time but it's good to get used to the idea sooner rather than later.

In other news, on Thursday night we went ahead a slapped my henna on my head. It had been sitting out all week and I'd planned on using it last Saturday but it turned into such a fun day I didn't have time. I try to leave it in my hair for 3-6 hours.
It starts off looking like this:

I use it because I like the idea of a natural hair dye (Black Henna (Indigofera tinctoria), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Red Henna (Lawsonia inermis), Ground Coffee, Nettle Powder (Urtica dioica), Irish Moss Powder (Chondrus crispus), Clove Bud Oil (Eugenia caryophyllus). Also, it starts to fade and I don't get roots. It's also super conditioning and even if the colour of my hair doesn't change too much it makes my hair super shiny for a couple of months.
It's a bit of a bear when it comes to washing it out because what you do is grate some off but not with anything metal because that affects the chemicalness so it won't work as well... So, you do that then you add boiling water and mix it up so it dissolves and is the consistancy of thick cream ie. whipping cream before it's whipped. You slather it to your head whilst it's still really hot and then either wrap your head in cling film to make the colour more red or leave it unwrapped for more browny tones. I just stick a plastic bag on my head with holes cut in it to let my head vent because I prefer browner hair than redder.
The outcome is shiny shiny!
Yesterday I went to a potluck lunch and had a grand old time chatting and laughing. It's always nice to get out the house. Usually I don't get out much because of my back but this week I've tried extra hard. I went out on Wednesday to visit some friends too...
Last night Danielle came over and we went out to buy dinner as a treat. We don't get to do it very often. We went to Bajio for the food and then to Horkley's gas station for our giant 50 cent drinks. YUM!
We went to Horkley's for drinks as a mini-initiation for Danielle. When we're in Marysville we go for midnight runs to Dick's in Seattle with Megan/Kirsten/Scott just for the sake of making an adult choice. We never got to do that with Danielle this summer because Stuart worked early morning and she worked too and my back is stupid. So we went to Rexburg's best kept beverage secret instead... The cups are too big for the cup holders in the car so Danielle held 2 drinks - mine and hers and I held Stuart's along with the food bag. When we got home Danielle looked like this -
I guess she just got too excited.
We ate and watched TV. Then whilst Danielle was washing her clothes we played some Mario Party. Twas fun. We took her home and then watched Bionic Woman on the computer whilst we went to sleep.


beekkee said...

i miss going to get food with you's and eating food with you's and being full up with food sitting around with you's.....sniff sniff! i love you guys

Anonymous said...

why not check out vonage or skype for long distance? I have skype-out and it is pretty cheap, like $9 for 3 months or $30 for a year, and it works really well! If you get vonage, it is pretty cheap, also. And unlimited calls to the UK included in the plan.

Daniello Dello said...

I only looked like that because your cup kept spitting on me!

Beth said...

I LOVE your hair when you henna it. I would love to try it but I'm chicken that I will get the wrong color. Any suggestions?