Sunday, October 21, 2007

Laura, this is Optimus Prime!

Ok, so today as I was putting some potatoes in a pot to boil for dinner the phone rang. I answered and got the shock of my life! It was Optimus Prime... the Transformer! He was urging me to stop blogging for long enough to listen to his warning... Ok, so it wasn't actually Optimus Prime, it was Linzi. If you go to you can have Optimus Prime call your friends. It's pretty hilarious and I highly recommend it and it's free!
Thanks, Linzi that was hilarious!


Stephanie said...

Love your blog! Thanks for keeping me on your email list! It's good to see what you 2 are up too. I'm about to send a message to Jake....yeah!

Tucker Family said...

Thanks for the Transformers heads up. I loved it!

tara said...

Thanks for sharing this--I sent it to some Transformer obsessed friends and they loved it!!