Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Letterboxing, our new favorite thing!

So, yesterday I went with Megan Riley to her Mary Kay team meeting where one of her group members earned her first Mary Kay car. The night was pretty fun and very cheesy. Megan had to make up a couple of little skits to advertise their new perfume and cologne. She did excellently.
When we got home we sat out in her car chit-chatting for a long time. When we were deciding what we could do together next the topic of Letterboxing came up. I'd read about it on my older sister, Emma's blog.
I checked out the site and found a few letterboxes in Rexburg! So today Megan, Liam and I went out equipped with our pad that Megan made, a pen, an inkpad and our stamp along with the clues and directions to find the boxes.

So the idea is that you find the hidden box and inside there's a notepad and a rubber stamp. You stamp your stamp in their notepad and stamps theirs in yours and rehide it in the same spot so other people can find it. People leave little messages in the pad and stuff. It's really pretty fun to see other people's stamps and comments and to see where they came from.

We took a while finding the first box because one of the signs didn't match the directions we were given (and because I sucked at navigating) so we went round and round for a while. Then I handed the instructions to Megan who worked them out right away. We found our first one -a koala bear -and from that point we used the next set of directions to the most challenging box. I was pretty sure I was going to get hurt on that one and suspecting Liam might lose an eye but we survived and found it - an elephant. At one point Megan said "It probably wouldn't be fun to fall down there." I agree. If Stuart had been with us he would probably have freaked out.Then we had one more to find from that point. It was an easier one - a zebra.

We refrained from killing or harassing any wildlife. Don't worry.

There was one more box after that which is very close to where we live. I won't tell you where just incase you want to cheat... inside was a Tiger!I'm sure the picture's a give away, oh well.
It was such a fun day. We got our for a few hours and it's sunny!
Next time I think we should dress up as Pirate's. It was a pretty fun treasure hunt!


Katz said...

that sounds kinda fun. where do you find time to be all crafty and do fun stuff?

beth said...

sounds like fun. I love playing pirate. i always send my kids on treasure hunts.

Trude said...

letter boxing ?? i've never heard of anything like that before in my life ! what a great way to get out and about ..

Daniello Dello said...

Hello, Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I get to make dinner for you today. Hazzah! I made you look all pretty in some pictures on my blog. Oh and letter boxing does sound like fun expecially if you dressed up as a pirate.

Beth said...

You always find the funnest things to do. We should see if anyone is doing letter boxing around here. It would be a change from watching Gilligan's Island with Mark all the time!!! Megan and I have been doing a lot of Mario DDR, but this sounds funner! You all looked like you had a blast!


nava_jo said...

THis is so much fun! Joseph and I just searched for places in our area to go. We are defiantly going to try it out. Maybe it will be our next family home evening.