Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This morning when I woke up it felt like a perfect soup day - dull, wet, windy and cold outside. I also thought it was the perfect day to share some soup with a friend. I've been out of the loop since we got home from our summer away. It seems that everyone's had the problem of getting back in to the loop so my conscious decision was a good one.
I got up and dressed then phoned Megan and invited her over for some homemade cream of onion soup. She accepted my lunch invitation and I went on my merry way making said soup. It turned out just like my mum's. Yummy! Tonight we're having Jake, Rachel and baby Cooper over for some inside out raviolli and soup.
I think today's been quite productive!

PS. It's snowing now.

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Tucker Family said...

You so need to post the recipe for inside out Ravioli. It sounds so yummy.