Monday, October 29, 2007

"They're soft!"

- Cameron's first impression of his baby sister's.

Last week was a really great week and also strange. I was busy all week which isn't something I'm used to. If I'm busy it's usually because I'm doing something I've decided to do not because a million things have come up all at once. So, it was strange to be doing all those things but also good. It was great to be getting out of the house.
Stuart was sick all last week and missed a bit of school. Now I'm sick. If it takes me as long to get over it as it took Stuart then I'm scunnered. I don't want to miss Halloween!
Last week we got a gift card from Stuart's granny. We bought some Halloween sweets! Yes! I also got a few more craft things.
On Friday Stuart was helping his friend make ammo for their Nerf War so I was alone most of the day. Then on Saturday was the Nerf War. It was an Elders Quorum activity so there were a lot of people playing. Stuart will blog about it later. I got some video of it. Whilst the men-folk were out shooting eachother I had some friends over to hang out. It was a good day.
Stuart got home after a few hours of playing and decided to take me out for lunch.
It was a good day. I love spending time with Stuart.


Beth said...

Our whole family has trouble keeping a straight face when we take pictures. But then you make some interesting ones yourself! Love your blogs Laura.


Anonymous said...

you two are adorable. I miss you both! please lets get lunch or something when I'm home this Christmas.
<3 Carly