Sunday, October 14, 2007

What an interesting few days...

Yesterday Linzi came to visit me. I've been less than social these past few weeks so I really appreciate her dropping by to see me. We were talking about how life seems to change every semester. I told her about the first couple of semesters here at BYU-Idaho and how we've never experienced anything like them since. Those days were so much fun. We'd do stuff 4 nights out of 7 with neighbours and friends. We'd go to Big Jud's or have movie night or pizza night or just hang out and play pranks on eachother. Outside of our building there'd always be a big group of people and anyone who heard us or happened to be walking past would stop and hang out for a while too. It didn't matter if you had kids or not. Everyone hung out and had fun. Those were the good old days.
We'd also have a mid-week thing where all the girls who didn't have school would meet up and have lunch and exchange recipes of whatever. I really miss those days. This week I'm planning on arranging a reipe swap type thing. I won't invite too many people this time around, I don't want to shock myself after spending a couple weeks on my own too many people might be a bit much for me... We'll see how it goes.
I think it's only fair to keep those good old days alive so other people can experience them too. These will be the days we look back on and remember.
So yesterday Linzi stopped by and hung out for a while. Stuart had gone to play football in the morning with some of the guys from the ward and then went to play with Jeff and some friends. They had another Nerf War. He came home just after Linzi left and asked if I wanted to have lunch with Jeff and Bethany. I did. We had a bbq. Matt Riley came by on his bike and stopped for a burger while we all chatter. It got a little cold so we decided to come back to our place for some cake and ice-cream but Matt went home. On our way back I spotted our neibours Matt and Faith arriving home from Winco. Faith seemed quite excited to see me - probably because I've been a hermit these past few weeks. I went over to chat. Stuart, Jeff and Bethany came over and we sat outside for a while chatting to our friends. It was great. Then we headed back to our place for cake and ice-cream. Stuart, Jeff and Bethany played on the Wii whilst I through together another cake and Faith arrived. She makes books too and brought some to show me. We looked at some pictures and video of Scotland - Faith did a good job in humoring me whilst I told her all my stories...
Faith and Bethany had to go take care of things and Jeff stayed. We chatted a while longer and then he went off to help Bethany. We ended our day with a walk around the complex.
It was a Great day! It helped me come out of my hermity shell and reconnect with people.
I'm going to try harder from now on to make other people's experience of living in this community as good as mine!

Today Stuart woke up feeling quite sick. I think he had too much fun yesterday. I told him we had to atleast go to the first part of church and then if he didn't feel well we'd come home. It was a good thing we went. Bishop Samuelson was released today. He's the first Bishop of our Ward and I've grown quite attached to him. He's always been about "Unity" and has achieved that. He's great. I had a terrible month last month and he helped me a lot. Hopefully he'll start a blog soon so we can all keep track of him! I'm sad for myself that he's been released but excited for him and his family. My dad was my Bishop for a while and I missed him a lot.
We came home after sacrament because Stuart wasn't feeling well. It wasn't us protesting about Bishop being released. Once we left that thought occured to me and I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that wasn't why we left ;)
After I drew a bath for Stuart and we had something to eat my mum phoned and we had a good old natter for a while.

It's been a great weekend!

I've been thinking and learning a lot about families recently but I think I'll blog about that seperatly.

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Linzi said...

I talked to Beth today and we were thinking of having some sort of lunch deal on Friday. It will be nice to get together and just hang out like the good ol' days. Let me know what you think.