Saturday, November 10, 2007

I demand we celebrate right now!

My 23rd birthday is on Monday the 19th of November. Danielle goes home for Thanksgiving the Saturday before that so we were going to celebrate on the Friday. That wasn't going to work so as the brilliant dictator that I am I commanded that we being to celebrate last night. By that I really meant that they give me presents! Now would be the appropriate time to explain that I absolutely loath surprises. They make me restless and sometimes they make me puke. I just can't stand losing sleep due to excitement. Yesterday 2 big boxes arrived from Grandma Rieck. If I see the surprise I have to have it then. I would have been fine if I hadn't been home when the boxes got here but I'm always home... On Wednesday a box arrived too and it's been driving me insane with excitment. Danielle and Stuart were kind enough to not make me hurt them and gave me my gifts.
I got a ton of stuff! Danielle got me a DVD (Roxanne) and a tote bag - not a white bunny, thank goodness. Grandma Rieck sent me some Hello Kitty pj's, slippers, nail polishes, eyeshadow, Christmas decorations, a beach bag, Thanksgiving ornament, tea towel, cosy wrap to match my slippers... I've probably forgotten something but I love it all!
My lovely mother-in-law got me a t-shirt, cami, Hello Kitty ornaments for our Christmas tree, a nifty hole punch, crafty tool kit and DVD's (Dirty Dancing, The Emporers New Groove and The Holiday clean flicked.) I made out like a bandit!

When Danielle and Stuart came in from getting Dani's gifts for me I was sitting on the lovesac by the door. They burst in with Stuart saying "Laura! Close your eyes!" That's the worst kind of surprise. I HATE closing my eyes and putting my hands out for a surprise! I tried my best. I kept my eyes closed really well but just couldn't get my hands out. For some reason I always think they're going to drop a fury animal into my hands. This time I thought it was going to be a rabbit. I really don't like animals which would make the surprise even worse. Stuart started getting annoyed at me because I was freaking out quite rediculously. Eventually Danielle had some compassion and put the gift on my hand/lap. Thank you Danielle for not torturing me as long as Stuart wanted to.

Tonight we're having Movie Night so I need to go get things tidied up. It's also Stake Conference weekend. We have a challenge in our way. I can't sit for that long in one spot and I don't want to distract people by going up and down like a fiddlers elbow. I want to go though... Stupid back. Oh, and Gallagher Basset still won't issue my workers compensation. Jerks. Our Christmas depends alot on those cheques they owe me. I think Jansport are pretty tired and miffed with the whole thing too. I call Jansport to try get them to get my cheques for me seeing as it's their company thats responsible for me but the company they're insured through (Gallagher Basset) don't give a toss if they're talking to the injured claimant or the Head of Human resources of the big company they insure. We've both been told that the cheques will/have been issued and then they don't do it.


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that you have no more surprises!

nava_jo said...

Ahh Its your birthday you can celebrate it when you want! Happy Birthday to you.

And I hope those work comp People get it in gear. Honestly, you have to keep on them to do what they say they are going to do. Its junk!

Lauren said...

Nine days early!!! Drew nor I would stand for it. You are lucky you have Stuart :)! Your hair is so long!!! I miss you all so much! Come and visit me, I demand you do it right now :)!