Monday, November 26, 2007


Last week was great!
Stuart was so bored on Sunday after church that he went to bed at 6.30pm. It was pretty ridiculous. We should have headed down to Utah then.

Monday was my birthday. I'm now 23. Yuck. I got to speak to my mum for a while which is always nice. Some friends brought me some cinnamon rolls which were delicious. They were my birthday cake. Yum.

Tuesday morning we woke up and it had snowed a little overnight. So we had to wait a bit until the ice melted. Then we took off. The drive was good. That's the first time we've driven down there in day light. The only other time we've driven down to Utah was to pick up my Mum, Dad, Beki and Cameron from the airport a couple of years ago. Before we got to John and Kara's we stopped to meet one of my friends, Marnee. I wasn't too talkative because I was so tired from the drive and the fact I got up extra early just to watch ice melt...

On Wednesday Kara, Grandma Joyce and I went to Ikea. I didn't spend a penny! Actually, that makes me sound like I have self control but I was planning on stopping in on our way out on Friday with Stuart so he could help pick out some much needed kitchen storage. I've decided that when we're ready, we'll go down and buy baby furniture there. I love Ikea. John and Kara treated us to a movie on Wednesday - The Bee Movie which was quite good. It reminded me a lot of my dad, the beekeeper.

Thanksgiving dinner was super-good! Kara did a really great job on it. It was so nice to sit and enjoy one another's company. I felt like an adult. We played games and watched a lot of Seinfeld and some of The Office. It was discovered that I really like sweet potatoes and I need to get a recipe for the yummy salad that we had - Kara, you hear that?

We didn't see much of Kara on Friday. She was gone super early to catch the sales. I did a tiny bit of my shopping online. Most of my Friday was spent watching the men-folk play video games and such. I felt at home enough there that I was happy sitting and doing nothing but watching everyone else doing things. We had planned to come home on Friday but were having too much fun and so we stayed and left on Saturday afternoon - once Kara loaded me up with craft supplies.

Any homesickness I had since it was my birthday was cured by our trip.

Thanks, John and Kara. We're planning on visiting again - that's a big thing for Stuart, seriously.

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Anonymous said...

We had a great time too. You can come anytime, we would love to see you and "the man" Kara