Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Tracy-Interview.

Thanks, Tracy for the questions. I tried to make up a limerick to show you my thankfulness but your name really doesn't rhymn with words that made sense to me ;)

1-You have your Green Card. Do you have plans to become U.S. Citizen? Why or why not. I'm not planning on becoming a citizen. It took so long to get the green card that I don't want to have to deal with immigration for a loooong time. And I'm just too dang proud of my British passport. Someday we might want to go back to Scotland for a while and it'd be easier if I still had my British passport. 2- What do you miss most about Scotland? What do you miss the least? What do you like most about the U.S.? What do you like the least?
Other than my family I really miss pork and chive sausages,

Warburtons bread,
bacon, and banana milk - I wonder how many other things I miss start with 'B' - BekiI also miss the National Health Service. Being able to have a doctor come to the house or making an emergency appointment without having to pay for it just seems right to me. Can you tell that I'm sick right now and have no health insurance?
Scottish countryside is something that can't quite be imitated. There's too much history in the hills. I miss seeing castle remains dotted along the road and "heilan coo's" (Highland cows)...
All of those things can be pictured but sometimes I just want to chatter in my normal accent at my normal tempo. Sometimes it's hard to replace Scottish words so people can understand what I'm talking about.

What do I miss the least?... Hmmm... Probably being unemployed and feeling like a waster for being so. There isn't much in the way of employment back home and not everyone goes on to further education after high school. Here it seems that you earn more you'd expect to earn doing a mediocre job which is nice. I'm glad I was taught the importance of hard work but I'm looking forward to seeing Stuart work hard and still be able to take time off.

Things I really like about the US are Italian Soda. (YUMP!) One of my all-time favorite things ever, since as far back as I can remember is seeing new places. America (9,450,000
sq mi), is huge compared to Scotland (30,414 mi²
) and that means there's a lot to see! Washington state can comfortable fit 2 Scotland's in it... Way of life seems more family orientated instead of dog-eat-dog than I'm used to. I like learning new traditions and hearing how other people grew up. It's all quite new to me :)

Least favorite things would be things that make me homesick, like how the toilet flushes differently and gets plugged and dirty. Toilets back home never gets blocked and don't get grimy as fast as they do here.
Most people are very friendly but once in a while there'll be one that pops up as an arrogant prat (look that one up) who feels the need to educate me about my own country which to them is actually a State blah blah blah. To them I say "Shut yer dish, lavy heid!".. I also hate being asked to speak in an American accent. I get that one a lot.

3- Do you have any plans to visit Scotland now that the twins are here? (Cute babies by the way)

We're hoping to get back next Christmas to meet the wee yins. Cameron was 2 months old by the time I actually decided to hold him. So I'm not missing out on too much just now. I'm not a fan of the floppy baby.

4- What do you love best about your hubby? What do you love best about yourself?

Stuart and I seem to be opposites. He's a worry-wart and I was voted "Most Laid-back Female" in my high school. It tends to be the way things go with us. He's more likely to get stressed out way before me and he'll also take things more seriously than I do. We balance eachother. He's kind and very loyal (that's why if he was an animal he'd be a sheep-dog with one blue eye and one brown eye) and doesn't like to socialise but once he makes a friend it's a friend for life. He's not very organised which is ok because I can remember or find his wallet and keys a million times faster than he can. He's quirky. Sometimes he puts his clothes on inside out and backwards without noticing. I like to think he does it just to make me laugh. He knows what he believes and is a strong example to me. I'm high maintenance when it comes to fun and he'd prefer to just chill out at home but he'll take me out to find fun and he won't complain about it.
When he's being cheeky to me he uses a weird fake scottish accent that cracks me up. I love that he loves my family and still wanted me after finding out that Beki would come as part of the Laura-package. He's perfect for me.

What do I love about myself?... Hm... Uuuum... Well... I'm well in tune with other people's feelings and enjoy making people laugh. I actually think I'm quite funny. I love the weird colour of my eyes and that I can keep a clean, tidy house. I love that I'm a lot like my mum, less freckly but still. I love the relationship I have with my little sister, Beki. That's a big part of me. Beki and I are a two-for-one deal. I love that I'm dependable and able to rely on myself - Stuart thinks I'm too independant. I think I'm extremely patient but Stuart sees it as stubborness. Either way, I don't loose my temper too often. I have a really good memory and am good at time managment...

5-What is your favorite book or books? Why? What is your favorite movie and why? Finally what is your favorite music? Why?
Books: Right now I'm digging the Twilight series. I also quite enjoy mysteries - Mary Higgins Clark - but I catch on really quick so it has to be really good if I don't know the ending by the middle of the story. I'm a C.S Lewis fan and LOVE 'The Screwtape Letters'... Roald Dahl is one of my favorite authors. He wrote 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', 'Witches', 'George's Marvelous Medicine', 'Matilda' and "Danny The Champion of The World".

Movies: One of my favorite's is "13 Going on 30". I like the music. I also love Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe movies. I'm not too picky when it comes to films. I do like to watch them once or twice and then never again. Stuart's the opposite. He likes to watch them over and over.

Music: I like a lot of different stuff. I was raised on The Osmond's and The Carpenters, so those always bring back good memories. There's always a good memory attached to music I like. I like things I can dance about to. Whenever I hear Nsync I think of Beki and getting ready for youth dances. MC Hammer, The Pixies, The Smiths, Teenage Fanclub, Vanilla ice - all remind me of my oldest brother, Scott.
Foo Fighters, Greenday, Sublime, Jack Johnson, Cake - remind me of my older brother, Andrew.
I've always like Greenday. They were the first band I ever went to see. I was 13.
I just love music.

6- What traditions did you have in Scotland at Christmastime that you have incorporated into your Christmases here with your hubby? If money were no object what would you buy you or someone else for Christmas?

Christmas day back home goes like this -
7am - My dad starts shouting "He's been! He's been!" Then we all roll out of bed and stand at the top of the stairs until we're ushered down, usually by my dad practically peeing his pants with excitement. Haha!
We go into the livingroom where our gifts are all stacked in our own spot and then we tear into them. My mum and dad wait til we're all done and then they open theirs.
Then I'd go help my mum in the kitchen getting dinner ready. It's the only meal we eat that day and pretty much for the rest of the year.
Usually there's an arguement at the dinner table - I won't mention names but once there was an actual physical assault. The fork was the weapon. Another time someone threw a glass of water over my dad. It's a fun time.
We pull Christmas crackers too.

But to answer the actual question *ahem* I make the Christmas dinner I'm used to - Turkey and all the trimmings. We don't open any gifts before Christmas - no jammies on Christmas eve or the likes. Ofcourse, we've only had one Christmas together so the other ones have been enjoyed with his family and their traditions. This year though we'll work out a few more traditions of our own.


Tracy Ngu said...

This was an awesome post Pink! Infused with your humor. I loved it! You had me giggling so many time especially when talking about your Christmas Day fights!

I love your taste in music! I like practically all of those bands too epecially Green Day.

I love Italian sodas too. I haven't had one in so long. I think I need to see about buying the stuff to make one.

Great job! I had a lot of fun reading your answers! Thanks for playing!

Kizzie and Andy said...

I loved reading this! Too funny!
I'd love to visit Scotland some day, the bacon looks divine...! :)
and seriously the whole time I was reading this I kept hearing it in my head in Scottish accent, maybe that's weird...I don't know!

Trude said...

I wanna go to scotland and see the old castles and feel the history in teh hills and see one of those long haired cows ... I am not even from scotland and you made me feel homesick !

Tucker Family said...

That was a great interview. My dad served his mission in the United Kingdom, and a lot of the things that you said you missed my dad always mentions that he misses to.

Next time you are in Utah there is a store on 7th east in slc by Trolley Square that sells a ton of things from across the pond. I go there sometimes and get things for my dad.

beth said...

I loved reading all of your answers. You are very funny.