Saturday, December 29, 2007

New camera = Happy Laura.

This building is one of my most favorite things about driving back and forth to Utah. I don't know what it used to be but I love what it's become. It's covered with messages to people. I sat with my camera on my lap just waiting for a chance to get a shot of it. I tried to get a picture of the other side but failed. Next time.
I don't know what mountains they are but Utah is so scenic. I love it. It's like nowhere I've ever seen before.
I LOVE my new camera!

Don't Hate - Appreciate!

Christmas was great. It was such a spur of the moment decision to go down to Utah that we didn't have time to pull things together to visit people. We woke up on Friday morning at 10am and Stuart checked the weather and we were out the door at 1pm. It was the only clear day until the next Thursday so we shot down to Lehi and that was that.
My favorite moments of this year have been our 4 weeks in Scotland, week in Oregon and Thanksgiving and Christmas in Lehi. It's been great! We just chilled for the week we were with Stuart's Aunt and Uncle and family. It was really nice. Stuart played a lot of Guitar Hero and Rock Band...
We were well fed the whole time we were there. Kara got it spot on with Christmas dinner - especially the sweet potato souffle thingy, perfect!

On Christmas eve Stuart got to help and be Kara's little helper whilst we watched 24 hours of A Christmas Story. He helped build some toys and we pulled toy cars and nik-naks out of their packets so they could be stuffed into stockings. Kara gives stocking stuffing a whole new meaning. Those things were jam packed with goodies! We always joke about how Stuart gets so excited on Christmas eve that he can't sleep. I think I was the one who slept the least that night. I was super excited to see the kids be excited... I can't wait to have my own kids to play Santa for.
My big gift from Stuart was my digital camera which I LOVE! Our little cybershot hasn't functioned as well and I'd have liked for a long time now. My new camera is brilliant! I can't wait to get out and take some pictures with it. I also got some new bedding from my mother-in-law. It's another of my favorite things. We went out to Target after Christmas and I bought a new body pillow cover that matches the new bedding and covers the drool on the pillow. I'm excited about our new, bright bedding.
Stuart's favorite thing from me was Season one and two of The Office. We got a ton of loot.

We left to come home on Thursday, spur of the moment again. We didn't get to say 'bye' to John it was so spur of the moment. And I didn't get to see the lights on Temple Square :( We got home just in time to return a call to Scott and Aileen to tell them they could stay over at our apartment that night. They had driven down from Seattle that day and we haven't seen them in months. It's going to be great having them here at school - it already is great! Aileen is 5 months pregnant so they had to stop every 20 minutes for her to go pee. It added a good few hours to their journey. They got in pretty late.

I need to set up the program for my new camera so I can put some more pictures up. I hope you all had amazing Christmasses. I can't wait for the New Year to have a nice new beginning. Hopefully I'll be able to better myself and make terrible situations more positive faster than I was able to this year.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine...

We're having a grand time here. It's so nice to kick back and chillax for a while. Stuart's been making the most of playing video games and not thinking about school. Bless him. I've been reading and enjoying the all-round buzz of a happy home. I love it! It  makes such a big difference having a 4 year old in the house to make everyone excited for Christmas -  it makes a big difference having an excited 24 year old too... I'm really looking forward to talking to my family on Christmas. I can't wait to hear how excited Cameron is and to hear about all the loot he gets. Maybe there'll be a good fight to hear about too. You've gotta love Christmas day fights, right?

We'll head home on Thursday and then Scott and Aileen will arrive in Rexburg! I'm so excited to see them. Life is pretty dang exciting just now!

Check out my older sister, Emma's blog for some long awaited wedding pictures. She was married in August and this is the first pictures she's shared photo's with us. I love seeing them. It reminds me of this last summer and how nice it was to be home and how exciting it is to think about going back again someday - hopefully next Christmas.

Friday, December 21, 2007

There's no place like...


We decided this morning to drive down to Lehi to spend Christmas with some of Stuart's family. So we're here and not in Rexburg. Don't burgle us we brought all our Christmas loot with us.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I pity the foo!

This is Beki. She used to take billions of pictures of herself with the webcam. I used to vandelise a lot of them. I think this one is one of the best that I remember.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Strange feeling of excitement.

I'm sitting in our living-room with pre-historic lappy cruising through some blogs and I got this overwhelming, strange feeling of excitment that I just have to record.

I love change! Not the money kind, I hate that but I love the little adventures life throws at us. I love facing changes/challenges/adventures with Stuart. I like to experience new things. This time next year we'll be packing up all our belongings and getting ready to leave Rexburg. That is terribly exciting. We've only lived in one apartment whilst we've been in Rexburg and it really is home. I love having my own home.

Also at this point Stuart isn't sure if he wants to go on to Dental School anymore. The revelation didn't scare me but I find that too exciting and I'm fine with whatever he chooses. I can't wait to settle down some place and to be able to paint walls and listen to music as loud as I like - and I like it loud! I'm excited to see where we end up and if we'll be stable financially or if it'll be a struggle like I've been used to for most of my life. I'm up for the challenge. If Stuart's there I'm happy. I'm also excited to have our own family at some point and to watch our own kids grow up. I really can't wait to get back to Scotland so I can show Stuart more new places and to see my neices and the Cambino who is growing up fast. Life is so exciting. The idea of family holidays is another thing that I love. There's nothing quite like looking back at photos from recent summers and not being sad because you can make the next summer even better! I probably sound insane but I honestly love the journey I'm on and I love my travel buddy.

One more year and the exciting stuff will really be happening.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chew Book...

I recently started crafting a special family book for my parents. I got an old hard book from DI and wrote the family name on the front then cut it into it. Once you do that you can pull away some layers of the board. My plan is to cover it in special book binding paper so that the name is engraved in the cover of the book...
I'm pretty excited about it. Each family member will have a page dedicated to them. I have no idea when it'll be done but I think it'll be really great when it is.

Monday, December 17, 2007

One day...

we'll have kids and these are the kind of things I want...

Old Navy. New Jeans.

We made the most of our excursion to Idaho Falls on Saturday and did a little shopping. I got some new jeans. When I buy jeans I get them a size smaller than I am. Here's why - I wear them for a few uncomforable days and then they fit snug so I don't ever have to wear a belt with them. Make sense? No? Ok, so if I buy them in my size to start with after a few days they've stretched and start falling off. You get it now? Well, a minute ago I was just been able to button them up without lying on the floor. Perfect! Now you're going to try it, huh? I think by tomorrow I'll have the circulation back to my legs.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Husband's say the darndest things:

ME: Sarah was wondering what a Laura-Stuart baby would look like.
Stuart: Did you tell her 'a fish'?

I'm finding that people are coming to my blog through Google. Some of the searches include "desperate for a pee", "under age driving" and "my feet smell like cheese"... Oh dear...

Pink tights and petticoats.

Check out the sister-blog. I got to chit-chat with Beki for a wee bit today for the first time in a weeks. The conversation ended like this,

Mrs Brennan proud owner of 3 under 5's says:
well hey im lactating

Earlier this week I was getting random picture text messages from her that were the highlight of my day. I'm amazed at how kind someone can be.

"How much does it cost to buy a ticket to scotland for you? And how much is that is pounds? Xx"

"Dave and have I cut up dave's bank card in order to save money to bring you's over so find out roughly please! :-)"

It took a while to convince her not to buy us tickets to fly home for Christmas this year. Bless her.

"Yeah we can do that! :-)"

I really do appreciate how much she loves us. Her kindness amazes me. I think she's a lot like dad in the sense if she has something she wants to give it away just so someone else can enjoy it too. I really wish we could be there with them this Christmas but I don't regret going over this summer instead. It was important for us to be there for the wedding. We got some really funny video of Cameron that I'll post when I can get it on the computer. We're blessed to be loved so much and to know and understand what it means to love unconditionally.

Yesterday I got to go visit a friend who had a baby a few weeks ago - a gorgeous baby! I really love the friendships we have with people that make it easy to pick up where we last left things.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pet Peeve.

Falling asleep on your side and then waking up finding that your ear has been folded over on itself all night. Ouchy.

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's beginning to feel a lot like...


It started to snow last night and apparently it hasn't stopped since. I hate snow but I love the blinding light it reflects into our appartment and I love how Christmassy it makes it feel - 15 days! It's such a strange time of year when you're saying "see ya later!" to some of our best friends and celebrating Christmas at the same time. It makes it easier I guess. We're excited for the adventures they're about to have and excited for Christmas but a little sad too that we won't be able to have them over for dinner or be able to call them up on the cell phone because that too will be starting it's own little adventure away from us at the end of the week. Oh well. That's life and I do love it.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

What makes her the best around?

Beki doesn't forget me.
She doesn't have the internet in her house so she takes pictures with her phone and sends them to me that way so I know she hasn't forgotten me. She gets me. I got a whole batch of grainy/precious pictures from her today.

Stuart: Future Trainer of Dolphins.

I know I've said it before but this year really has been a year of tremendous learning for Stuart and I. I feel like I've grown up a lot this year - some of it was forced but ultimately it's been welcomed.

At some point I'm going to do a recap of the things I've learned but for now I'm working on focusing on the future. I want next year to be even better than this year. The highlight of this year is that I got to go home - other than that it's not been a very good year for me. There's been a lot of physical and emotional pain.

So next year we've got goals. Stuart will be working on his last year of school which is VERY exciting. It won't be long until we can settle down - depending on if he really wants to go to dental school or not. We've been really good financially these past couple of years. We haven't needed much help and we've been able to pay it back but dental school is expensive and with no financial backing we don't know how we'll swing that. Stuart is also not sure he wants to do anymore school which is understandable. We'll see how it works out.

We want to get an internship over the summer. The ones we're most excited about are the Zoo ones we'll be applying for over Christmas break. They seem more likely to happen than our dream one of Glaxo Smith Kline in Montrose - my hometown. It would be amazing to spend 5 months in Scotland doing that but I'm not sure how realistic it is. I'm the one who had been looking for internships. Stuart just thought he'd do the classes for the credits but he's been quite excited with the idea of training dolphins and working with sea-lions. Wouldn't that be cool? I he gets one of those internships we'll be in California for the summer. I reckon being a dolphin trainer is as fun as being in a circus - my life long dream!

2008's going to be a good one!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Laura is S.A.D

It's official, the Seasonal Adjustment Disorder is kicking in. Yuck. I've never had any problem with seasonal transitions until I came to Rexburg. It's too dark all the time during winter and it kills me. I hate having to put on a lamp when I get up in the morning - this time of year I seem to get up an hour later than usual because of hating to put on a lamp to light up the room and because I just can't settle down at night - dreading the dark morning. Where is the sun? If it was snowing it would make the apartment brighter because of the blinding whiteness... Where is the snow? I sat at my craft table last night for 20 minutes and couldn't come up with anything to do. That's how bad it is... Dang.

I miss summertime. I think being so far away from the sea is taking it's toll on me too.

I'm looking for internships for Stuart and have decided that Scotland is number 1 on the list but there are a bunch of other places that are number 2 - all in sunny, happy places. Mostly I've been looking into Zoo internships - dolphin training and other such wonderful things. We're planning on giving up our apartment this summer to save money - like we should have done every other summer. It's important for us to get along independently - that's why we haven't been focussing on internships in Washington. This year has been a year of massive learning and "Independance" has been a huge part of it all. We're strengthening our family unit and hopefully we'll have an adventure whilst we're at it - and getting a suntan too.

Monday, December 3, 2007

My Own Slice of Idaho.

I mentioned a while ago that I'm writing a book. Well, I haven't been steaming along with that as I'd hoped I would. I've found myself in a confusing place of not quite knowing what to do with it - too many ideas. When I write I get excited and can write a bunch at once then I'm worn out from using my brain so much. BUT, today I got something highly exciting in the mail that's made me realise how much I want to have a book published. It's a new feeling for me. I want a book published and now it's a life goal. I really, really, REALLY want it! So, in the mail today I got a copy of Emigrate America. I wrote an article for them in October. Today I got a copy of the newspaper and right there on page 4 is ME... and Stuart. A great big picture of Stuart and I just married. My article takes up a page. There's also a little bit at the bottom with my blog address on it so I had to update this so my Criminal Record post wasn't the first thing respectable emigrants read about me.

Smooth Criminal.

It was the last day of Easter break 2001 - a Monday. My dad was going up the road to the farm where his bee's lived so my older brother, Andrew and I decided to go with him. When we got there dad said to Andrew something along the lines of - Laura's never driven before, why don't you take her up and down the road?
We got in the car and Andrew started telling me about how a car works. Bored. He noticed and explained what to do to drive. Cars back home are all stick-shift so this wasn't a sissy car. Ha!
I took off driving at a grand old speed of 3mph. It was a private farm road. I didn't stall once. Then it came time to turn around and go back. Andrew assured me I could do it and it'd be fine. I start to move and turn the steering wheel to the left and crash into the concrete fence post marking where the road turns from private to residential. I go into shock and notice a woman standing at the window of the house who's fence post I just bumped. Andrew tells me to switch seats with him so he can drive back. We also make an oath not to tell dad because no damage was caused. So we drive back up the road and get dad who insists that I drive down the road to show him how good I am. I refuse. Andrew continues to drive. On the way down we see a police car. Dad wonders what it's there for. At that point as we're pulled over Andrew informs dad very quickly - Laura-crashed-the-car-but-there's-no-damage! Dad gets out to talk to the police then they ask Andrew to get out. Andrew, my hero, tells them it was him who bumped the fence post.

So far there's some information you need in order to understand the story.
The minimum driving age in Scotland is 17.
Andrew had no license.
Laura had no license.
Dad was the only licensed driver and he wasn't in the car.
Anyone can drive on a private road but as I said, the fence post marked the end of the

Ok. So Andrew then is breathalised and passes. Thank goodness. All our information is taken.
The police come to our house that night much to the surprise of my mum who my dad was apparently was not going to tell that day.
The woman who told on us was pretty sure it was a drunk girl driving the car. Lying to the police is not good.

So I was charged with under age driving, driving without insurance and driving without a licensed driver in the car - joy riding.
Andrew was charged with the same and dad was charged too for allowing it.

They didn't charge me that day because I had big exams coming up at school. They returned the morning of my last exam. Media Studies. I failed that one.

So there you have it. The hooligan 15 year old.