Saturday, December 29, 2007

Don't Hate - Appreciate!

Christmas was great. It was such a spur of the moment decision to go down to Utah that we didn't have time to pull things together to visit people. We woke up on Friday morning at 10am and Stuart checked the weather and we were out the door at 1pm. It was the only clear day until the next Thursday so we shot down to Lehi and that was that.
My favorite moments of this year have been our 4 weeks in Scotland, week in Oregon and Thanksgiving and Christmas in Lehi. It's been great! We just chilled for the week we were with Stuart's Aunt and Uncle and family. It was really nice. Stuart played a lot of Guitar Hero and Rock Band...
We were well fed the whole time we were there. Kara got it spot on with Christmas dinner - especially the sweet potato souffle thingy, perfect!

On Christmas eve Stuart got to help and be Kara's little helper whilst we watched 24 hours of A Christmas Story. He helped build some toys and we pulled toy cars and nik-naks out of their packets so they could be stuffed into stockings. Kara gives stocking stuffing a whole new meaning. Those things were jam packed with goodies! We always joke about how Stuart gets so excited on Christmas eve that he can't sleep. I think I was the one who slept the least that night. I was super excited to see the kids be excited... I can't wait to have my own kids to play Santa for.
My big gift from Stuart was my digital camera which I LOVE! Our little cybershot hasn't functioned as well and I'd have liked for a long time now. My new camera is brilliant! I can't wait to get out and take some pictures with it. I also got some new bedding from my mother-in-law. It's another of my favorite things. We went out to Target after Christmas and I bought a new body pillow cover that matches the new bedding and covers the drool on the pillow. I'm excited about our new, bright bedding.
Stuart's favorite thing from me was Season one and two of The Office. We got a ton of loot.

We left to come home on Thursday, spur of the moment again. We didn't get to say 'bye' to John it was so spur of the moment. And I didn't get to see the lights on Temple Square :( We got home just in time to return a call to Scott and Aileen to tell them they could stay over at our apartment that night. They had driven down from Seattle that day and we haven't seen them in months. It's going to be great having them here at school - it already is great! Aileen is 5 months pregnant so they had to stop every 20 minutes for her to go pee. It added a good few hours to their journey. They got in pretty late.

I need to set up the program for my new camera so I can put some more pictures up. I hope you all had amazing Christmasses. I can't wait for the New Year to have a nice new beginning. Hopefully I'll be able to better myself and make terrible situations more positive faster than I was able to this year.


Laurie said...

Ah, that was a good post. I love reading about everyone's Christmases.

The whole time you were in Lehi, I was TOTALLY thinking about you. I knew you'd be crazy busy, so I didn't say anything... but it felt good knowing you could have been just a few houses away!

Your pictures are great! Glad you guys had such a wonderful Christmas!

Linzi said...

I'm glad that you had fun this Christmas. Can you believe it is already over?? went by way to fast.

Tracy Ngu said...

It sounds like you had a great Christmas! I am so jealous of the new camera.

Liam'smommy said...

yay for a new camera! I love pictures!

Sherpa said...

Hey, I was in Lehi over Christmas too!

Beth said...

I'm glad you like your bedding! I always get nervous with that kind of thing. Good thing you pointed out what you liked! We missed you this Christmas. Mark says the videos aren't nearly as fun. Oh well! Maybe in another couple of years you'll get to come back again. We'll work on the negativity thing here too. It's always good to let others know you appreciate them. Not enough of that gets around sometimes.

We love you! Thanks for sharing.