Monday, December 3, 2007

Smooth Criminal.

It was the last day of Easter break 2001 - a Monday. My dad was going up the road to the farm where his bee's lived so my older brother, Andrew and I decided to go with him. When we got there dad said to Andrew something along the lines of - Laura's never driven before, why don't you take her up and down the road?
We got in the car and Andrew started telling me about how a car works. Bored. He noticed and explained what to do to drive. Cars back home are all stick-shift so this wasn't a sissy car. Ha!
I took off driving at a grand old speed of 3mph. It was a private farm road. I didn't stall once. Then it came time to turn around and go back. Andrew assured me I could do it and it'd be fine. I start to move and turn the steering wheel to the left and crash into the concrete fence post marking where the road turns from private to residential. I go into shock and notice a woman standing at the window of the house who's fence post I just bumped. Andrew tells me to switch seats with him so he can drive back. We also make an oath not to tell dad because no damage was caused. So we drive back up the road and get dad who insists that I drive down the road to show him how good I am. I refuse. Andrew continues to drive. On the way down we see a police car. Dad wonders what it's there for. At that point as we're pulled over Andrew informs dad very quickly - Laura-crashed-the-car-but-there's-no-damage! Dad gets out to talk to the police then they ask Andrew to get out. Andrew, my hero, tells them it was him who bumped the fence post.

So far there's some information you need in order to understand the story.
The minimum driving age in Scotland is 17.
Andrew had no license.
Laura had no license.
Dad was the only licensed driver and he wasn't in the car.
Anyone can drive on a private road but as I said, the fence post marked the end of the

Ok. So Andrew then is breathalised and passes. Thank goodness. All our information is taken.
The police come to our house that night much to the surprise of my mum who my dad was apparently was not going to tell that day.
The woman who told on us was pretty sure it was a drunk girl driving the car. Lying to the police is not good.

So I was charged with under age driving, driving without insurance and driving without a licensed driver in the car - joy riding.
Andrew was charged with the same and dad was charged too for allowing it.

They didn't charge me that day because I had big exams coming up at school. They returned the morning of my last exam. Media Studies. I failed that one.

So there you have it. The hooligan 15 year old.


Chiemi said...

lol, I did something similiar...lucky for me I was never caught. : )

CTR2002 said...

That's funny... my Dad took us driving too. I never crashed it though. BUT when I was 17 he let me go camping with a couple of friends and I did something (not sure what exactly) and it caught on fire...

Hve never lived that one down... lol

Laura said...

Dang you, Chiemi! Haha.

What did you set on fire, CTR? Your friends? I once set my little sister's foot on fire - Andrew played a part in that too. Oh dear.

Shannon said...

Those Americans still gave you a green card after all that?!!?!

beth said...

you are soooo funny! I hate stick shifts and i love my sissy cars.

Scott and Stacia said...

wow! What a story. Your poor parents hearing the hard way. However I am interested in knowing how exactly you set your little sister's foot on fire.

Keri said...

You are too funny!! I love your stories!