Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Strange feeling of excitement.

I'm sitting in our living-room with pre-historic lappy cruising through some blogs and I got this overwhelming, strange feeling of excitment that I just have to record.

I love change! Not the money kind, I hate that but I love the little adventures life throws at us. I love facing changes/challenges/adventures with Stuart. I like to experience new things. This time next year we'll be packing up all our belongings and getting ready to leave Rexburg. That is terribly exciting. We've only lived in one apartment whilst we've been in Rexburg and it really is home. I love having my own home.

Also at this point Stuart isn't sure if he wants to go on to Dental School anymore. The revelation didn't scare me but I find that too exciting and I'm fine with whatever he chooses. I can't wait to settle down some place and to be able to paint walls and listen to music as loud as I like - and I like it loud! I'm excited to see where we end up and if we'll be stable financially or if it'll be a struggle like I've been used to for most of my life. I'm up for the challenge. If Stuart's there I'm happy. I'm also excited to have our own family at some point and to watch our own kids grow up. I really can't wait to get back to Scotland so I can show Stuart more new places and to see my neices and the Cambino who is growing up fast. Life is so exciting. The idea of family holidays is another thing that I love. There's nothing quite like looking back at photos from recent summers and not being sad because you can make the next summer even better! I probably sound insane but I honestly love the journey I'm on and I love my travel buddy.

One more year and the exciting stuff will really be happening.


Tracy Ngu said...

You have the best attitude Laura! I love that you are so welcoming of change and surprises! I wish I could just go with the flow like that!

I love my music loud too!!

Anonymous said...

Be careful about the music. We love loud music and all of my kids are deaf now. Kara

Stephanie said...

You just keep blogging, so I can be a part of it all! Thanks for the post, it made me excited too.

Keri said...

Only one more year, yeah!!! I know it's hard to think but you will miss Rexburg when the time comes. At least the people anyways, not the wind and snow. :)

CTR2002 said...

I gotcha