Monday, January 21, 2008

Determination + Desperation =

This week is going to be a good one. I'm going to make sure of that! We've had a pretty good start to it. Yesterday I was able to stay for the 3 whole hours of church. I'm not even sure the last time that happened. My back is a little more sore from it today but I shan't complain. I really needed to stay for the whole 3 hours. I was able to chat to a good friend/visiting teaching companion, Betsey and set up visiting teaching appointments with her. We're going to do a girls night/pot luck dinner on Thursday with one of our girls who just had a baby and is having some cabin fever.

Scott and Aileen came over after church yesterday and I made chimichanga's for dinner. They stayed and played games and chatted with us until 11.20pm. I love having them here. They'll be coming over again tonight and we'll have Betsey and her husband over to play games. It'll be great. I think tonight is pizza night too. MMmmm!

I'm also going to write another article for the Emigrate Newspaper that I wrote for before. It's all very exciting. This time I'll be writing a profile article for Idaho and why it's so great. Did you know the top 4 places Brits emigrate to are New York, Florida, California and Texas? I'm still amazed by Texas. I thought Washington or Oregon would have been in it's place.

Getting to talk to Beki has really helped cheer me up. I was also able to set some other things straight with another family member and I feel a lot better. I'm shedding stress that I don't need to carry around and it feels GREAT. I just hope this year will be better than last year. It's started out pretty good so I have high hopes.

I've started off the year with family in mind -
*I started 2 family websites to bring people together and to help get some family history done.

*Beki has called me her best friend which feels good. We had a rough time last year where she told me it would be impossible for us to be best friends because I'm too far away so that was a really big thing and it could be the highlight of my whole year.

*We're talking about starting a family more. Stuart seems to have warmed up to the idea after our trip to Scotland. That's thanks to Beki raising the brilliant Cameron to have such a huge affect on everyone he meets. And thanks to Stuart for knowing how important it is for me to see my family again.

*We've been spending time with extended family that I never really knew before and I've gained a great friend through it - My Project Runway buddy.

This weeks will be good and it's helping 2008 look good too :)


Tracy Ngu said...

I am glad you are having a good year so far!! I hope it continues to be a good one for you!

Scott and Stacia said...

So glad you are off to such a great start this year. I probaby need to think about the goals I want to set before January is over :) How exciting that you guys are talking about starting a two would be such great parents!!

ciaobella said...

I'm so happy you got to chat with Beki. You even "sound" so much more chipper. The winter blah's are nearly over. It's going to be a good year indeed. :)

CTR2002 said...

Glad you're well! Miss you! :)