Saturday, January 19, 2008

Unconditional Love Defined.

"We just want to make your lives a little bit more comfortable it sucks being poor! And it's nice being able to afford nice food and new shoes and little treats and your my best friend so i want you to have nice things i don't like the idea of you wearing clothes that are getting worn and shoes that don't have super good grips. I'm going to start sending care packages too i think just so you have something to look forward to every month. I want you and stuart to be happy i like that i'm able to help you's out because if the table was turned you'd do the same for us. And the less stress in your lives the better so if a little bundle of paper help then i'm up for that! It'll come in handy which is the main thing so i don't really give a toss if you want us to or not you need help and your getting it so just deal with it. Ok! :-)"


Tracy Ngu said...

That's cool!! You have a great sister!!

Shannon said...

Unconditional love and ful pockets, both quite fabulous. Can your sister ask my sister to send me money too?

Shannon said...

By ful, I mean full.