Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Unconditional Love.

Think about that and tell me what it means to you.


Shannon said...

One thing that I always think of when someone says unconditional love is mothers and their children. One thing I've learned being a mom is that you sacrafice and give all for your children without even a second thought. When they hurt, you hurt. When they are happy, you are happy. And your love for them truly knows no bounds.
Then there are other things that exemplify unconditional love, like Jesus.
I'm not sure if I answered the question properly or not. Oh well.

Melissa said...

Can I just say I LOVE your new picture. So cool! And I love how you really know yourself and love being you.

For me, I know God's love is unconditional, but sometimes in order for us to FEEL that love, there are certain things we must do to develop a relationship. Same goes for a marriage and with kids. You love them no matter what, but you are closer when you put more effort into it. And they can always choose to pull away.

Tam said...

To me, unconditional love is loving someone without wanting to change them. You accept them where they are, not where they are supposed to be or where you want them to eventually be. To look at a person, with their many and varied flaws, and think they are wonderful to you regardless.

The Frys said...

It means always, forever and no matter what.

Laura said...

Thanks everyone for writing my blog for me! You all fell for my trick! Muahaha!
I do really appreciate the comments. I was thinking of Unconditional love and Preconditioned love this week... It takes you on an interesting journey thinking about it.

emma said...

To be able to love someone no matter what they do, but it doesn't mean that you have to stay about to be kicked around by them to prove that you love them!

I'm thinking of people who stay with abuse, because they love the person who abuses them- to death.

you know in yourself when you love people/somone and God knows too.

Sherpa said...

Love to me is doing what you can, and wanting and praying for the happiness of someone else. Its serving the other individual, emotionally, physically etc. Unconditional love is the above without conditions from the other individual.