Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Cycle Path.

I'm typing up all these stories so they can be recorded in my journal so you might be getting a few of them...

April 2003:

This event took place 5 days before Beki had Cameron.­

We had a little tradition of walking down to the Primary School where my mum works to meet her once her day is done there.­ We'd then walk down to Tesco and pick up stuff for dinner then we'd walk up the street and get a bus home.­

On this particular day Beki was coming with me to meet mum.­ I like spending time with Beki.­ We laugh a lot.­

We went the usual route -­ through the back garden, across the part, through the housing scheme and then down the cycle path.­

The cycle path has 2 sides to it.­ The left side we were walking on was the pedestrian side and the right side was the bicycle side.­ I was walking to Beki's right which means I was closest to the white stripe dividing the pedestrians from the bikers.­ I have OCD and NEVER walk on the bike side.­

We were walking and talking and laughing when we hear a scream.­ We looked at eachother like 'What the -­".­ Then I get rammed forward and there's a crash.­ Beki was just standing looking like, "What are you doing?" As I turned around I notice an old lady lying on the ground.­ I had no idea what just happened.­ I thought maybe she'd pushed me or something.­ Further behind us is her bike.­ SHE RAN ME OVER!

The old lady had white hair that was turning red with the blood that was pouring from her scalp.­ I was in shock and Beki was almost 2 weeks over due to give birth.­ The old lady was groaning and trying to get on her bike to go home.­ I practically had to wrestle her off.­ She had a head injury afterall.­ I sent Beki to get mum.­ Beki looked like she was trying to run, the funniest thing I've ever seen.­ She was running but it was almost slower than a walk.­ Her arms pumping like it was making her go faster.­.­.­ I digress.­.­.­

I was trying to phone 999 on my mobile phone but instead of pressing 'call' I kept pressing cancel.­ I was in shock.­

An old couple with a jack russell (that lapped up the blood puddle from the ground) were walking by and stopped to help.­ They were able to keep the old woman from cycling off as my mum arrived and called the ambulance.

I dawdled off to find Beki who couldn't make the journey back because she was so puffed out from her sprint.­ We both sat on the grass whilst the ambulance people sorted out the old woman.­

Lesson to learn from this -­ Wear a helmet and don't run over teenagers.­

The paramedics asked her what happened and she had the gall to tell them I stepped out onto the wrong side of the PATH! Never! I was pretty mad about that (and still am) if I hadn't been in so much shock I'd have set her straight.­ The back of my right leg was mangled for weeks.­ Huge bruises and lumps.­ Ouch.­ It still feels lumpy.

I avoided walking on the cycle path after that.

I know when I tell this story people laugh but it was really traumatic for me. I need to get Beki and my mum to write it up from their perspective.

Also, when I got home that day Stuart phoned me and asked how I was. I told him I wasn't doing very well and explained. He thought it was hilarious. I was in so much shock I couldn't do anything. I wanted to cry but couldn't...

Thank goodness for the National Health Service too!


Tracy Ngu said...

I am sorry you got hurt! Though the way you tell a story makes it sound so dang comical! I can just picture Beki running while hugely pregnant! Hilarious!!

mandy said...

OK I have heard this story before, but it seems to get better each time you tell it! lol!!
I can't even say said that you got hurt cause you just make the story so funny!
Thanks for the help with the blog. Still figuring it out, but hope it is looking ok. :)

Kizzie and Andy said...

Oh my gosh!! I love the thought of your hugely pregnant sister trying to run!! And you kept canceling the call instead of sending, seriously!! If I ever am on bed rest someone just better make sure I can access your blog still!!

manda carol said...

OMG, I have I mentioned that I love you?! Love the story, love your last comment!

Anonymous said...

Dont hate me for laughing Laura- I really cant help it :)

Anonymous said...

You know, I stand by my conviction that old people are E-VIL. They think they can get away with anything! Urgh, it totally riles me up. What a good story though! Good thing Beki didn't go into labour...

Shannon said...

I also am laughing - at Beki. Too bad you didn't have that on video.

Beth said...

I remember when you pointed out a path, if not the path, like the one that this happened on. I agree that the most hilarious part of the story is imagining Beki trying to sprint, but coming in a close second is the vision of you wrestleing an old lady off a bike for her own good. By the way, I hope the limp goes away eventually.
JK ;)