Monday, February 25, 2008

Few and far between...

My posts are becoming a little more sparse but look how pretty my page is! I've been busy and pictures to prove it.

Saturday= Friend day/Movie night.
Sunday = Danielle's 19th birthday.
I got up nice and on time to make cupcakes for Yeller (Danielle) and planned to decorate them in a surprising way. I then decided not to do that. I was certain Yell would love to decorate them. I was right.
The red frosting looked a lot like blood...
It's only a flesh wound.
She missed her mum and dad a lot.
Then she opened her present's.
And I made dinner.
Then we played Wheel Of Fortune. I'm brilliant at it.
After cupcake decorating, gift opening, cooking, wheel of fortuning and all the rest of it Stuart remembered one of the reasons I really wanted a new camera... LIGHT SHOWS! This kept us entertained until the batteries died.

Monday = Girl's day.
A few of us girlies went over to the wonderful Sandra's house for girl's day. She was baking a bajillion star shaped sugar cookies for YW New Beginnings and I watched - other's helped. Then we killed two large pizza's between the four of us. We hung and out and nattered for a while then went our seperate ways.

When I got home Stuart arrived shortly afterwards, we had lunch then went to Walmart to buy cleaning supplies. Yuck. It's all good though. We got a toilet block to help keep the loo clean and there's a big difference from having it there just for the night. I'm ready to be done thinking about all the clean we have to do. It's seriously stressing me out.

At Walmart we bough a few little boxes of sweeties and planned on having movie night, just the two of us but as we were getting ready to start the phone rang. Movie Night didn't happen and I went to bed in a bad mood - stubbing my toe on a giant shoe in the dark was the final straw and with all the stress I happily cried myself to sleep.

It's a busy week this week.


kira lee said...

those are probably the prettiest homemade cupcakes i've ever seen!

Tracy Ngu said...

Ah ha! So you have been busy having a life!! Good for you!

Your blog is pretty!

Laurie said...

OOH! Cherry blossoms! Yes, this is definitely the best one.

Ooh! Cupcakes!

(I get distracted easily.)

Sara said...

Your blog and your cupcakes are both very pretty!

Audrey said...

I stumbled onto your blog. The cupcakes are great, especially mom and dad :)

Beth said...

As you can tell, after the first kiss mark and i have never been the same.

Scott and Stacia said...

Well you have been having some great fun! How do you do those cool light shows?? They look so great!

Shannon said...

I love the light shows!