Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I have a black belt in Family History research.

The last couple of days it didn't snow. Today when I peeked out it was a full on blizzard but that's ok. It didn't snow the last couple of days and I actually left the house. Twice!

Yesterday I spent almost all day doing family history. It's been really exciting. I got an email from a man in Australia asking about Mary Campbell Barr on my family tree. The connection is there and he sent me a picture of her and her husband, John Porter along with a little history.

"Mary Campbell Barr married John Porter July 22 1864. She was only 16. They
had two children born in Kilwinning, Scotland and sailed to Australia Aug
25 1868 and arrived in Melbourne, Australia in November 1868. John was 25 and
Mary aged 20. John was a miner. They had 12 children.

Mary was baptised
into the Salvation Army and the picture I'll send you, when magnified closer you
will see John has a salvation army jumper on. Mary was also pregnant in the
photo. It's the only pic I have and that came from a photocopy. Mary and John's
first child James, is my great grandfather."

It's all so exciting to me! I love feeling the connection to ancestors but I'm not such a fan of the sleepless nights I have with all the names running through my head. Today I'm taking a little break to focus on my living family. I've got a few little projects I need to get done that don't involve being in front of the computer...


Daniello Dello said...

Oh how exciting!! When i come over you and I can have a family history party because I need to do 10 hours worth outside of class! Plus it's fun!!!

geNeric_gurL said...

holy awesome I love old pictures and family history. It's all so facinating!

Liam'smommy said...

I love family history! the only thing that drives me crazy is those darn immigrants from scotland, they are impossible to track! Sneeky Scottish.

mandy said...

I am so jealous of you right now! I love family history and finding out about where I came from and who my ascestors are... but I get so confused when it comes to geneology. Wish I was better! That should be a goal for Lopaka and I! :) have a happy valentine's day!

Beth said...

I'm a wee bit jealous too because I don't have too many pictures of people I know. Pictures yes, but no one to tell me who they are and why they are significant. I tried to tell people on Sunday why it was cool to do Family History. You said what I wanted to. The comment was made that people in Europe probably don't feel that way because they come from such rich history and background. I should have them read your blog!!! Connection is connection no matter where you live.